Monday, December 13, 2010

N.Y. GIANTS ~ Defeat Vikings 21-3; Game Summary



GIANTS    21
Vikings      3

Big Blue Game Summary:

Brandon Jacobs got this game started off the right way; With Power!  He ripped off a big 17 yard gain to start the game. 

But it was called back due to an Illegal Formation penalty against Manningham. 

Very soon there-after, Eli dropped back to pass, and got intercepted!  The ensuing Viking possession resulted in a punt but Minnesota got a field goal on their second possession to take the lead; 3-0.

The second NY Giants' possession resulted in a punt and Minnesota would do the same with their next set of downs.

Ahmad Bradshaw got his first rush on the Giants third possession and promptly broke off a handsome run.  A few plays later on 3rd down and 9, Eli dropped back to pass, and, you guessed it.... got intercepted!

In-Game Note:  That's 10 interceptions in his 5th game against the Vikings!

I guess that's about all Brandon Jacobs could stand to see from the passing game.  About 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter and the next time Gilbride called his number, Brandon motored the Big Blue Mack Truck up-field for a 73 yard gain.  Ahmad Bradshaw brought the ball to the goal line and Brandon Jacobs came back in the game to pound it home for a Giant touchdown.  The updated score was 7-3 Giants.

To close out the 1st half, the Giants went on a 71 yard, 1:40 minute drive capped-off by an Eli 6 yard TD pass to Kevin Boss for a 14-3 Giants' lead.

In the 1st half the Giants rushed for 113 yards.  Brandon Jacobs had 83 yards on 5 carries.  The 1st half bad news is Mario Manningham was carted off the field with an injury.

In the 3rd quarter, the Vikings returned a Giants punt 53 yards to the Giants' 36 yard line.  The ensuing Viking possession resulted in a Kieth Bulluck interception of a Tarvaris Jackson pass at 11:25.

The teams traded a couple of punts battling for field position. 

At 8:14 the Giants fielded a Viking punt and took over near midfield but could not take advantage of the positioning.  Another NYG punt would pin the Vikings deep in their territory, down to the 8 yard line.
At 3:53 the Vikings would punt from their 11 yard line and the Giants took over at their 41 yard line.

After two plays, the battle of punts finally paid off for the Giants as Ahmad Bradshaw ripped off a 48 yard run off-tackle and up the left sideline for a touchdown making the score 21-3 Giants.

Minnesota returned the ensuing kick-off for a touchdown.  Not!  The six points were called back due to the dreaded Illegal Block in the Back penalty.  The Vikings had the ball at the NYG-30 when the G-Men starting putting furious pressure on Tarvaris Jackson.  Minny was forced to punt and pinned the Giants at their 2 yard line.

No one is safe from injury in the NFL.  The Line Judge was carted off the field with a "lower body injury".

A pass to Pascoe for a first down gave the Giants room to work with as the 4th quarter started.  But another punt eventually resulted from this possession.

With 12:47, the Vikings sent in their third quarterback, and second of the night, Joe Webb.  Tarvaris Jackson endured a bruising game at the hand of the Giants' Defense.

With 7:20 left and the Vikings looking desperate, a high snap over the head of Jackson almost resulted in the Giants getting a Safety.  Minnesota was forced to punt from their one inch line.  That was, for all intent and purpose, the end of Minnesota.

Ahmad Bradshaw went and had his wrist wrapped in ice as he was through for the night after having rushed for 103 yards and a touchdown.  For good measure and to seal this game once and for all, Brandon Jacobs re-entered the game with 6:30 left and ripped off runs of 8yds; 7yds; 9yds and 3yds to finish his night with 116 yards rushing on 14 carries.

The Defense literally put their finishing "touches" on Tarvaris Jackson and the game ended with the Giants on top by a score of 21-3.

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