Friday, December 20, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013; Football Sunday - Week Sixteen

Football Sunday
Week Sixteen
Week Fifteen Record:  6-7-1
Overall Record:  91-94-9
Schmear of the Week:  10-5
Bagels in the Basket:  +3
* Two weeks left!  The race for the second Wild Card in each conference is on.
* Who thinks the New England Patriots are in big trouble?  Who thinks the Broncos, with that defense, are in trouble.  Early prediction - I say the Super Bowl winner comes from the NFC.
AFC - Miami Dolphins/Baltimore Ravens.
NFC - San Francisco 49ers.
AFC - San Diego Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers.
NFC - The window is closing on the Arizona Cardinals, and slamming shut on the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, and Detroit Lions.
Week 15 Recap....Look how the Dallas Cowboys choked...., again!
Friday Line ~ NYDN
LIONS -9 (Giants)
The Lions are physical, and now they're desperate too.  That's bad news for the busted Giants.  When it rains, it pours.
Browns +2 (JETS)
It doesn't matter.  You know the routine.  Whatever I pick regarding the Browns, go the other way.
Dolphins -3 (BILLS)
The Fish are feeling themselves.  The Bills won't do enough.
PANTHERS -3 (Saints)
Panthers will continue taking advantage of the Jekyll/Hyde Saints outside the dome.
Cowboys -3 (REDSKINS HOGS)
Turnover Romo will have his best game of the season, only to set the Cowboys up for another colossal fail in Week Seventeen.  This team is the gift that keeps giving.  BTW, too much drama going on for the Skins.
RAMS -5 1/2 (Bucs)
The Rams deserve a bone after last week.
Bears +3 (EAGLES)
This is the stay away game of the week.  This should be a pick 'em.  Go with Philly's woes at home.
CHIEFS -7 (Colts)
The education of Andrew Luck continues.
BENGALS -7 (Vikings)
Instead of a meltdown at home, the Bengals just might be serious this season.  Prove it!
Broncos -11 (TEXANS)
Even Jacksonville has more wins than the Texans.  From being a pre-season SB contender, to just being an NFL afterthought - an historic drop.
Titans -5 1/2 (JAGUARS)
A case of too late.  The Titans showed flickers this season, but ultimately failed to spark.  They will win out of pride. 
SEAHAWKS -10 1/2 (Cardinals) 
Larry Fitzgerald did not practice all week, due to suffering a concussion in Week 15.  Playing in Seattle is hard enough as it is.
CHARGERS -10 (Raiders)
Once again, go with the desperate team.
Steelers +2 1/2 (PACKERS) ** NYDN had NL/OFF ~ NYPost Line in lieu.
Big Ben plays well in cold weather.
RAVENS -2 1/2 (Patriots)
Adversity has arrived at the Patriots doorstep.

Schmear of the Week:
Chargers -10

Grilled hens stuffed with wild rice.  What's on your football menu?

Good luck, and have a Happy Football Sunday everyone.


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