Saturday, November 30, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013 - Football Sunday; Week Thirteen

Football Sunday
Week Thirteen:

Turkey Day Record:  2-1
Week Twelve Record:  6-6
Overall Record:  76-71-7
Schmear of the Week:  8-4
Bagels in the Basket:  +10


The Cardinals can smell playoffs, but need to overcome either San Francisco or Carolina in the NFC Wild Card race.  They realize they need to keep pace Sunday.

After the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2nd AFC Wild Card is up for grabs.  Jets or Dolphins, Titans, and Chargers can all join the Ravens with 6-6 records.


Rex Ryan's future.


Rex Ryan's future.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Giants -1 1/2 (REDSKINS) Sunday Night
Because I'm a glutton for punishment.  But..., RG3 won't have JPP to deal with this week.  Be careful with this one.
Win; 24-17 Giants

Dolphins +2 (JETS)
Oh no!  This will be ugly.  Poor Geno.
Win; 23-3 Dolphins

Titans +3 1/2 (COLTS)
Nothing much against the Colts, I just like the surging Titans.
Loss; 22-14 Colts

Broncos -5 1/2 (CHIEFS)
Two straight losses - adversity is knocking at the Chiefs tee-pee.
Win; 35-28 Broncos

BROWNS  -7 (Jaguars)
You would think the Brownies can cover this at home, right?  ...famous last words.
Loss; 32-28 Jaguars

Buccaneers +8 1/2 (PANTHERS)
I'm looking for the Bucs to merely cover this - Still think Panthers win and keep on surging.
Loss; 27-6 Panthers

VIKINGS -1 (Bears)
After covering 5 points and achieving a tie versus the Packers, I'm gonna throw the Purple guys a bone.
Win; 23-20 Vikings

Cardinals +3 (EAGLES)
If you haven't been soaring with the Cardinals, you're flying with the wrong flock.
PUSH; 23-20 Eagles

BILLS -3 (Falcons) *Toronto, Canada
This bird is gonna get stampeded by the dreaded Toronto Bison.
Loss; 34-31 Falcons

Rams +9 (49ERS)
See Buccaneers - Defensively at least, I'm just looking for the Rams to cover.
Loss; 23-13 49ers

Patriots -7 (TEXANS)
The Minute Men are gonna put a branding on the Texans.
Loss; 34-31 Patriots

CHARGERS -1 (Bengals)
Welcome to the stay away game of the week.  The two are dueling for the title of the most inconsistent team of the year.  Phillip Rivers gave me the game I thought he would, a week too late.  Thanks for nuthin.
Loss; 17-10 Bengals

Schmear of the Week: (+3 Bagels)
Dolphins +2 (JETS)

I can't think about food right now.  Maybe good old fashioned heroes may do the trick.

Happy Football Sunday everyone!

Week Thirteen Record:  4-7-1
Overall Record:  80-78-8
Schmear of the Week:  9-4
Bagels in the Basket:  +9


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