Sunday, November 03, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013; Football Sunday - Week Nine

Football Sunday
 Weekly Results:

Week Eight Record:  5-6
Overall Record:  47-51-5
Schmear of the Week:  5-3
Bagels in the Basket:  -3

Let's roll some Bagels....

Friday Line - NYDN > I always use Friday's line.

Saints -6 (JETS)
I expect representative defense from the Jets, but this is still Drew Brees versus Geno Smith.
Loss; 26-20 Jets

PANTHERS -7 1/2 (Falcons)
These are two teams waving at each other while heading in opposite directions.
Win; 34-10 Panthers

COWBOYS -10 (Vikings)
Romo will acquiesce to Dez Bryant and make mincemeat of the Vikings secondary.
Loss; 27-23 Cowboys

Titans -3 (RAMS)
This is going to be a close one.
Win; 28-21 Titans

BILLS +3 (Chiefs)
QB wise, they have everything working against them, but Buffalo has been pesky enough to make me believe it is time for the Chiefs to lose a game.
Loss; 23-13 Chiefs

Chargers -1 (HOGS)
I'm anticipating one of those Phillip Rivers games.
Loss; 30-24 Redskins Hogs - O.T.

RAIDERS -2 1/2 (Eagles)
I knew I should have taken the Raiders last week.  Don't like the Eagles chances in the Black Hole.
Loss; 49-20 Eagles

SEAHAWKS -16 (Bucs)
Watching the Bucs is like slowing down on the highway to get a view of an accident scene.
Loss; 27-24 Seahawks - O.T.

BROWNS +2 1/2 (Ravens)
Man I hate the Browns....
Win; 24-18 Browns

PATRIOTS -7 (Steelers)
I'd stay away from this game.  The Steelers do not win in New England, but have to be upset with themselves after losing to the Raiders.
Win; 55-31 Patriots


Colts -2 1/2 (TEXANS)
The Texans still don't know what hit them.  Luck will take his turn ruining Houston's season.
Win; 27-24 Colts

Schmear of the Week:

Philly cheesesteak and marinara sauce stuffed inside spooned-out BBQ roasted red peppers, and French onion soup poured over half a pumpernickel bagel.  What's on your Football Sunday menu?!

POST-GAME: Pending Sunday Night..

Week Nine Record:  5-6
Overall Record:  52-57-5
Schmear of the Week:  6-3
Bagels in the Basket:  -1


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