Friday, November 15, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013 - Football Sunday; Week Eleven


Football Sunday
Week Eleven
Week Ten Record:  8-4
Overall Record:  60-61-5
Schmear of the Week:  7-3 (+3 bagels)
Bagels in the Basket:  +6
The Jaguars and Buccaneers both won their first games of the season in the same week.  Go figure.  Meanwhile, the Chiefs remain the lone undefeated team in the NFL.  Who saw that coming?
The Giants are just two games out of first place in the NFC LEAST.  Prepare yourselves for a wacky division finish.
We actually went a whole week without hearing about the Redskins Hogs name change controversy.
...let's roll some Bagels.
Friday Line - NYDN
GIANTS -4 1/2 (Packers)
The GMen are up-ticking with three consecutive victories, while the Packers have recalled Lynn Dickey to QB Sunday's game.  Who?
WIN; 27-13 Giants
Jets +1 (BILLS)
I tried sticking it out with the Bills this season.  I have to turn on them now.  Rex Ryan has his team in a good frame of mind.
Loss; 37-14 Bills
BUCS +1 (Falcons)
The Bucs first win of the season should inspire them to another.  The Falcons are already a defeated team.
WIN; 41-28 Buccaneers
Lions -2 1/2 (STEELERS)
Loss; 37-27 Steelers
EAGLES -4 1/2 (Redskins The Hogs)
The Eagles home losing streak has to end at some point.  I like the spread.
WIN; 24-16 Eagles
Chargers -1 1/2 (DOLPHINS)
While Miami crumbles under Bully Gate, it's time for the Chargers annual late season push, before they ultimately fizzle out.
Loss; 20-16 Dolphins
BEARS -3 (Ravens)
Take the over.  Da Bears win.
PUSH; 23-20 Bears  O.T.
BENGALS -6 (Browns)
I hate this game.  The Bengals seem in no hurry to put this division away.
Win; 41-20 Bengals
Raiders +7 (TEXANS)
The Texans crowd will turn on their team after the Raiders jump out to an early lead.
Win; 28-23 Raiders
Cardinals -7 1/2 (JAGUARS)
Think long, think wrong.
Win; 27-14 Cardinals
SAINTS -3 (49ers)
If this spread were any wider, I would have gone the other way.
PUSH; 23-20 Saints
SEAHAWKS -13 (Vikings)
Only Jacksonville has given up more points than the Vikings.
Win; 41-20 Seahawks
BRONCOS -8 1/2 (Chiefs)
...Because the Chiefs have gotten away with a few games lately.  They'll have less luck in the mile high air.
Win; 27-17 Broncos
*Schmear of the Week:
I'm going with seafood in week eleven.  What's on your football buffet table?
Week Eleven Record:  8-3-2
Overall Record:  68-64-7
Schmear of the Week:  8-3
Bagels in the Basket:  +12

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