Saturday, December 14, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013 - Football Sunday; Week Fifteen

Football Sunday
Week Fifteen
Week Fourteen Record:  5-9
Overall Record:  85-87-8
Schmear of the Week:  9-5
Bagels in the Basket:  +2
The Patriots sputter without Gronk?  Miami wins Sunday and sneaks into the lead for the 2nd wild card!?!?  The Baltimore Ravens play Monday night against the Lions?  Uh oh.  The Chargers will be watching too.
The Cowboys and Bears are desperately chasing the Cardinals for the outside chance the Panthers or the 49ers slip.  At 7-6, that means Jerry Jones' World was once again filled with foolishness and folly.  They're on the outside looking in, for the right to surpass the Cardinals for the right to be on the outside of the playoff picture looking in.  Yeah!  It's like that.
Everything about "the Washington team" screams KICK ME.  Someone find Lucy Van Pelt to hold the football. 
Native Americans want Daniel Snyder scalped if he doesn't change the team name.  Meanwhile, Daniel Snyder and Coach Shanahan have declared war against each other, and RG3 is the front line, or, what ever is left of him.  The league has teed-off on the QB like a tackle dummy.  Now coach os benching him for the rest of the season?  What an implosion!
Friday Line ~ NYDN
Seahawks -7 (GIANTS)
OMG!  I hope Giants fans have the stomach for this.
Win; 23-0 Seahawks
PANTHERS -11 (Jets)
I would imagine the Panthers are pissed off, over not playing better last week against the Saints.  All those defensive players Rex spent the week bragging about...?  pffft.  Cam Newton is going to show Geno how it's done.
Loss; 30-20 Panthers
Redskins Hogs +6 1/2 (FALCONS)
For the Falcons, an almost game in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field doesn't count.  That was their last hurrah.  Just to spite Daniel Snyder's face, the HOGS will win with RGIII on the bench.  That's a lot of points though.
Win; 27-26 Falcons
49ers -5 (BUCS)
Those Bucs sure have played better of late.  Coach Schiano just may have saved his job.  But he, the Bucs, and Darrell Revis have nothing to play for.  The Niners do.  They better be careful though.
Win; 33-14 49ers
Cardinals -3 (TITANS)
The Titans took a pair of (Broncos) horse shoes to the chops last week.  They're still dazed.  The Cardinals are still hot on the 49ers and Panthers tails.
Push; 37-34 Cardinals
Saints -6 (RAMS)
Damn those Saints outside of the Dome.  Take your chances with this one.  Rams can get to the QB.
Loss; 27-16 Rams
BROWNS +1 (Bears)
Damn you all to hell!!!!  Know what?  Move the Browns to Los Angeles, rebrand the team, move the Jacksonville Jaguars to Cleveland, and bury the Browns forever!!
Loss; 38-31 Bears
COLTS -6 (Texans)
The Texans are a Lone Star Mess.  I'm sure the Colts want to finish strong.  Lay the points at home.
Win; 25-3 Colts
Bills -2 (JAGUARS)
I flipped a coin, and still went the other way.
Win; 27-20 Bills
Patriots -2 (DOLPHINS)
Well, well, the Dolphins have a back-bone.  The Minute-Men will be without The Gronk for the rest of the season.  The Patriots are ripe for a loss.  I just can't resist Tom Brady and two points.
Loss; 24-20 Dolphins
Eagles -4 1/2 (VIKINGS)
These teams deserve each other.  It doesn't matter who's on the field.  The final score is going to be 58-49.
Loss; 48-30 Vikings
Chiefs -4 (RAIDERS)
Denver clinched a playoff spot.  So, the Chiefs do not want to blow this.  It's closing time at the Black Hole.
Win; 56-31 Chiefs
COWBOYS -6 (Packers)
This line sucks.  Gimmie the Boys in nice weather, and no Rodgers.
Loss; 37-36 Packers
Bengals -3 (STEELERS)
The Steelers pissed away their chances last week against the Fish.  This is now the Bengals big chance to slam the door on the rest of the division.
Loss; 30-20 Steelers
Schmear of the Week:
Chiefs -4
Tacos! Ay Caramba!  What's on your Football Sunday menu?
Good Luck, and have a Happy Football Sunday everyone!
Week Fifteen Record:  6-7-1
Overall Record:  91-94-9
Schmear of the Week:  10-5
Bagels in the Basket:  +3

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