Saturday, September 21, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013 - Football Sunday; Week Three

Football Sunday

Week Two Record:  5-6
Overall Record:  11-14-1
Schmear of the Week:  2-0
Bagels in the Basket:  +2

What do people think of the Seattle Seahawks now?

RGIII better be acutely aware of his surroundings Sunday.  Just sayin....

Would the NFL just wrap it up in Jacksonville already and move the Jags to Los Angeles please?

Let's roll some Bagels...

Line: Friday NYDN

Giants +1 (PANTHERS)
For this week at least, the GMen will get their act together.
GIANTS: No Running Game Is Coach Gilbride's Happy Zone
Giants Offensive Line Must Create Daylight
Big Blue's Soft White Underbelly
Loss; 38-0 Panthers

Bills +2 1/2 (JETS)
Stupidity beat the Bucs, not the Jets.  After two weeks, Buffalo has earned another week of good will.
Loss; 27-20 Jets

Chargers +3 (TITANS)
Ugh...!  Stay away.  Both teams are surprising me, and playing very well so far.  A late field goal wins this game by one?  Otherwise, nice match-up!
PUSH; 20-17 Titans

VIKINGS -6 (Browns)
Remember what I told you about Browns games.  You've been warned.
Loss; 31-27 Browns

PATRIOTS -7 (Bucs)
Darrell Revis said life under HC Schiano is too tough.  Really?  He will face no stranger in Tom Brady.  Whichever team loses this game will have a very disgruntled head coach to deal with.  It seems to me Belichick still commands more discipline than Schiano can in his short stint as coach.
Win; 23-3 Patriots

Texans -2 (RAVENS)
..because the Ravens are not going to repeat, and they will suffer disappointing loses along the way.  This will be one of them.
Loss; 30-9 Ravens

COWBOYS -4 (Rams)
Think long and think wrong.  Go with the Boys giving four.
Win; 31-7 Cowboys

SAINTS -7 (Cardinals)
I'm not down on the Cardinals.  I just like the Saints at home.
Win; 31-7 Saints

Lions +2 (REDSKINS)
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  RGIII vs. Ndamukong Suh?  This game is perfectly set up to be an all around most physical effort, but one which will put RG under threat of being Suh'd.  I like the Lions in an upset, but not without generating next week's big news story.
Win; 27-20 Lions

Packers -2 1/2 (BENGALS)
The Bengals have a way of disappointing their home fans early in the season.  But I really have no reason to go against the Packers.
Loss; 34-30 Bengals

Falcons +2 1/2 (DOLPHINS)
I know the Falcons are banged up.  So..., what? After two weeks we're supposed to believe the Dolphins are for real now?
Loss; 27-23 Dolphins

49ers -10 (COLTS)
Because the 49ers are going to take out all their frustrations on the Colts, after suffering through a humiliating beating to the Seahawks.
Loss; 27-7 Colts

SEAHWKS -19 1/2 (Jaguars)
I wouldn't even take the Jags with a tease.
Win; 45-17 Seahawks

Bears -2 1/2 (STEELERS)
Because when it rains on Pittsburgh, it pours.
Win; 40-23 Bears

Schmear of the Week:

That's seventeen Bagels headed into the oven.  Good Luck, and have a Happy Football Sunday.


Week Three Record:  6-7-1
Overall Record:  17-21-2
Schmear of the Week:  3-0
Bagels in the Basket:  +1


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