Tuesday, September 10, 2013

N.Y. Giants: Secondary Issues A Primary Concern

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NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS: Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop...  Prince Amukamara And Terrell Thomas Must Stay Healthy, and Stay Playing Together.

While everyone is so caught up with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accusing the Giants of flopping, and getting all uptight about David Wilson's performance, I believe the Giants have a much more serious problem on their hands.

In attempting to make a tackle towards the end of the first half In Dallas, safety Ryan Mundy and corner Prince Amukamara collided helmet to helmet, like two rams in heat smashing skulls.  Prince wound up getting the worst of the collision.  He left the game with a concussion, while Mundy continued playing.

Since the Giants selected Amukamara in the first round of the 2011 draft, almost immediately, starting with an off-season broken foot suffered before he ever played a professional game, and since, Prince has been riddled with injuries.  In two seasons, he's managed twenty games played out of a possible thirty-two.  He played in thirteen games last season and seven in his rookie year.

Prince reportedly feels fine at the moment, but if us Giants/Rangers fans have learned anything about concussions, is one) - feeling fine today doesn't ensure feeling fine the next day, and two) - their effects are cumulative.

The Giants really can't afford to lose anyone from the secondary.  Facing Denver and Peyton Manning in Week Two only compounds the Giants issue.

Terrell Thomas looked good Sunday night, didn't he?  He appeared to be moving very freely.  Unfortunately, he is the other source of my anxiety.  Terrell, unlike Prince, has outright missed the last two years to the same recurring injury.  Sunday was his first game since the 2010 season.  How can you not watch him and think any given play could be his last?  Having Webster and Ross back together will help in the short term, but Thomas and Amukamara were supposed to be firmly entrenched in this secondary already.  That hasn't happened yet.  In fact, Jerry Reese has demonstrated extraordinary patience with Terrell Thomas.  I just hope he stays healthy and rewards his GM's faith.


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