Friday, September 13, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013 - Football Sunday; Week Two

Football Sunday
Week One Results: 6-8-1
Schmear of the Week: 1-0
Bagels in the Basket: net 0
One more time for those of you who do not know - I usually post my picks on Friday night.  Each game is worth a Bagel.  I pick a Schmear of the Week worth three Bagels.  Last week I was 6-6-1 heading into the Monday night games, so I have to tell you now - I don't usually do Monday and Thursday night games.  One other thing you should know, which ever way I pick regarding the Cleveland Browns, do yourself a favor and go the other way.  I've been extremely proficient over the last three years at getting Browns games wrong.  Just saying....
Most startling defeat of Week One - Pittsburgh.
Most startling victory of Week One - Jets.
Ndamukong Suh was fined $100,000 by the NFL for last week's hit on Minnesota's center John Sullivan.
Last week I broke even because I hit the Schmear.  Now let's roll some Bagels.
Broncos -5 (GIANTS)
I'm a Giants fans, so I usually link my weekly posts here.  Check back, got some stuff coming.
Win; 41-23 Broncos
EAGLES -7 1/2 (Chargers)
Like I said, the Chargers window of opportunity is closing, and the Eagles will hasten that this Sunday.  Should be a good high scoring game though.
Loss; 33-30 Chargers
RAVENS -6 1/2 (Browns)
Why shouldn't I take the Ravens?
Win; 14-6 Ravens
TEXANS -9 (Titans)
This is my stay-away game.  I hate this spread.  I'm banking on a touchdown and a late field goal to cover.
Loss; 30-24 Texans
COLTS -3 (Dolphins)
This doesn't say much about the Colts.  I smell a push.
 Loss; 24-20 Dolphins
BILLS +3 (Panthers)
If the Bills don't follow up last week's game with a similar effort, I'm off the bandwagon.
Win; 24-23 Bills
FALCONS -6 1/2 (Rams)
This strikes me as such an obvious pick that it bothers me. There's no way the Rams cover..., right?
Win; 31-24 Falcons
Redskins +7 (PACKERS)
Oh, the Packers will win.  But the Skins will cover.
Loss; 38-20 Packers
CHIEFS -2 1/2 (Cowboys)
The 'Boys played just as ugly a game last week as the Giants did.  They benefited from six turnovers and still almost lost.  Coach Andy Reid is licking his chops over this one.  Tony Romo's ribs hurt? Pfft.
Loss; 17-16 Chiefs
RAIDERS -5 (Jaguars)
Welcome to the Week Two Toilet Bowl.  One team is really bad, and the other is worse.  Take the home team and punt.
Win; 19-9 Raiders
49ers +3 (SEAHAWKS)
I love this game.  San Fran will bluff with Bolden, and win with an old recipe, Gore and Davis.  Pete Carroll is like the Wile E. Coyote of the NFL.  Otherwise, Seattle is going to be stupid good this season.
Loss; 29-3 Seahawks
Schmear of the Week:
 FALCONS -6 1/2 (Rams)
That's fourteen more Bagels into the oven.
Good Luck and Happy Football Sunday everyone!
Don't ask me why New Orleans/Tampa - Chicago/Minnesota - and Arizona/Detroit weren't listed.  Total mistake on my part.  That's what happens when you do this on a Friday night.
Week Two Record: 5-6
Schmear of the Week: 2-0
Overall Record: 11-14-1
Bagels in the Basket: +2

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