Monday, September 30, 2013

N.Y. Giants: Do It For The Duke, or Else

From the desk of:   DO IT FOR THE DUKE

Proceed With Caution!

NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS: That's Not Erie Silence You Hear Emanating From The Owner's Box - It's John Mara Grinding His Teeth and Seething.  Memo To Big Blue Players, There Is Only One True GIANT, And You Work For Him.

John Mara is his own person, and runs the Giants organization admiringly as far as I'm concerned.  He certainly has his own way about him, and wouldn't hesitate imparting some knowledge upon this team if he felt it was warranted.  His father's influence (rest his soul) has most likely, if not assuredly spared, or should I say saved, the uniformed members of this football team from such an episode - so far.

Wellington Mara was a patient man, and before he passed away, he taught his son the fine art of temperance.  The younger John was somewhat of a hot head.  If you saw how Ann reprimanded Terry Bradshaw after SBVLVI, it's easy to understands where he may have gotten that from.  Joking aside, but at the same time in all seriousness, that's not necessarily my observation or opinion.  They're John Mara's, forwarded by himself through the years.  Make no mistake.  John Mara is the alpha of this Big Blue organization, and players are well aware of the family history.  It comes with being a Giant, so there is no way of it eluding or escaping anyone who dons the uniform.  That said, in their current state, these players will never feel the really truly embarrassment of having to look into Wellington Mara's eyes.  To that I say, what a shame!  It was hard not taking one his looks to heart.  The modern environment of football is much more cold and impersonal than the days of shame and accountability.  These days, you just get cut.  That's Jerry Reese's department.  But in the land of Giants, a glare from the owner is just as relevant, and as potent as it ever was under Tim Mara, his son, or presently under Tim's grandson.

Jon Mara doesn't speak publicly much, although he is quite available.  Be sure.  Instead, he is very adept at choosing his moments.  When he does speak, the uniformed members of this team had better listen very intently.  He makes it easy on the listener, because he doesn't mince words.  He's commented publically regarding team performance before in less dire straights than the current dilemma facing the team.  I expect the New York Football Giants to make an appearance on the local airways soon, or not.  But for the players sake, let me be wrong.

Hence, the Giants portion of my blog is titled:  DO IT FOR THE DUKE..!

And another thing for those who've strayed - don't you know, that in one form or another Coach Tom Coughlin is enmeshed in all this team's history of the last twenty-five years as well?  With two SB trophies to his credit as Head Coach, this organization will not be forcing Coach out the door.  The Giants suffer personnel issues, not head coaching issues.  It is understandable for us fans to be upset.  But dumping on Coughlin as a first resort will no longer be excused.  Now shape up, and get back in line.


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