Sunday, September 08, 2013

PIGSKIN 2013 - Football Sunday; Week One


Regular Season
Football Sunday:

Welcome back gridiron fans and loyal Trolley riders, and thank you in joining me for another season of Pigskin Sunday Football.  In my league, the head slap is still a legal play, if not a long revered technique we should be teaching our children.  Obviously, Pigskin is not to be taken seriously, and is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

We keep score, but we do it with Bagels.  Each game on Sunday's docket is worth one Bagel.  I pick a Schmear of the Week for a three Bagel value.  I rarely do Thursday or Monday games.  For me, Pigskin is all about Sundays.

I usually do this on Fridays.  This year will vary between Friday and Saturday.  But without any further adieu, let's roll out some Bagels..!


Bucs -3 (JETS)
The relocated Revis Island will seem something more like the Island of Dr, Moreau by the end of four quarters.  After just one game, we'll find out how scary the Jets really are.
Loss; 18-17 Jets

COWBOYS -3 (Giants)
Week One: Sunday Night Showdown In Dallas
Win; 38-31 Cowboys

Patriots -9 (BILLS)
Tom Brady is getting grumpy in his old age.  With no Welker, Gronkowski or Hernandez, the Patriots will still run up the score against Buffalo.
Loss; 23-21 Patriots

STEELERS -7 (Titans)
I'm still not ready to predict the demise of the Steelers.
Loss; 16-9 Titans

Falcons +3 (SAINTS)
With their coach back in the fold, the Saints will be a force to be reckoned with again, just not this Sunday.
Loss; 32-17 Saints

Chiefs -3 1/2 (JAGUARS)
 C'mon.  Besides, Andy Reid is turning around the Chiefs.
Win; 28-2 Chiefs

Bengals +3 (BEARS)
This is called me losing all confidence in the Bears.
Push; 24-21 Bears

BROWNS -1 (Dolphins)
What does this line say about the Browns?  They're terrible, but at least a point better than Miami I hope.
Loss; 32-10 Dolphins

Seahawks -3 1/2 (PANTHERS)
I'm expecting the Seahawks to be very good this season.  The Panthers, not so much.
Win; 12-7 Seahawks

LIONS -4 1/2 (Vikings)
Two teams going in opposite directions.  I haven't given the Vikings respect in years.
Win; 34-24 Lions

COLTS -9 1/2 (Raiders)
The Raiders are terrible.  What a shame.
Loss; 21-17 Colts

Cardinals +5 (RAMS)
These Cardinals still have a trick or two up their sleeves.
Win; 27-24 Rams

49ers -4 1/2 (Packers)
Nice opening week match-up.  I'm sticking with the home team and defense.
Win; 34-28 49ers

REDSKINS -4 (Eagles)
I don't think much of the Redskins, yet, but think even less of the Eagles.
Loss; 33-27 Eagles

Texans -4 (CHARGERS)
I still think the Texans are well inside their window of opportunity.  San Diego's is closing fast.
Loss; 31-28 Texans

Schmear of the Week: (3 Bagels)

 Chiefs -3 1/2

That's eighteen Bagels headed into the oven.

Good luck everyone, and Happy Football Sunday.!!

Week One Record: 6-8-1
Bagels In The Basket: zero


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