Wednesday, September 11, 2013

N.Y.Giants: Big Buddy Is Back

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NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS: ....And This Time He's Here To Keep An Eye On A New Little Buddy.

Familiarity won the day.  Brando Jacobs aced Tuesday's interview and got the job....again.  The two-time Super Bowl champion, and Giants all-time rushing touchdowns leader signed a one year contract to rejoin the club, help in the back field, and impart some knowledge upon the young and unlearned David Wilson.  Brandon is in effect, Wilson's new full time paid mentor.

Although he was far from being a media darling, and his mouth sometimes got him in trouble, Brandon Jacobs always had respect for Tom Coughlin, and he was a very good and supportive teammate.  He assumed Tiki's position quite graciously, and never once complained about sharing backfield duties once Bradshaw emerged.  Brandon held out for some extra cash one off-season and got a bad rap for it.  But before departing the club, he did the rare, unselfish act of restructuring his expensive deal so the Giants could in fact retain Ahmad Bradshaw under the cap.

As far as Brandon Jacobs the player, he is thirty-one years old and saw little to no action last season with the 49ers.  For the moment, I can not even fathom him being in game-ready shape.  In fact, I'm more worried he'll get hurt - like pull a hamstring or something to that effect.  That aside, he is no where near the player who unseated Tiki Barber as the Giants feature back.  He wasn't even that during his last few years with the team.  He softened in his later years, and for his size became an easy tackle.  Jacobs as we know was eventually unseated by Ahmad Bradshaw as the feature back.  Nonetheless, from 2007 through 2011, they formed Big Buddy and Little Buddy together.  And that's where Brandon Jacobs' newest importance to the team lies.

He is now tasked with tutoring a new Little Buddy.  David Wilson will be led by the hand, and taken through the finer points of ball safety and protecting the quarterback.  Brandon Jacobs did both well.  He held on to the pigskin, and picked up blitzes.  That's all the Giants want Wilson to do.  They already know he cam run.


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