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N.Y. Giants: Week One; Sunday Night Showdown In Dallas

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New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS: Nothing Comes Easy In The Land Of Giants.  Big Blue May Need Another Week Before They Get It Together.

Last season was no way to defend a Super Bowl championship - no playoffs.  Let's hope that served as motivation heading into this season.  After all, there are many members of this team who've been through all this before.

I would even suggest Jerry Reese was caught in a personnel bind, and still is.  His secondary needs constant repair, while his linebacker corps suffer from neglect because he's constantly replenishing the defensive line.  Offensively, he's been deliberate in rebuilding the front line, the team currently lacks a quality tight end, and the back field is suddenly very thin and largely untested.  If anything, Jerry Reese's best off-season move was to keep Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning together.  That said, the march back towards the playoffs, starts now.

The Giants open up the season in Big Dallas, Texas.  What a way to get the Hate-o-rade juices instantly flowing through our veins.  Jerry's Kids - the Dallas Cowboys - America's premiere pom-pom shakers, will swing open the Jerry Jones Dome doors for everyone tonight, on Sunday Night Football.  And I couldn't be more bothered!  I like my Giants football one way - on Sundays at 1:00pm

Here's today's game preview > In Eli We Trust.  Thank you very much.  See you after the game.

Both teams have major question marks regarding their offensive and defensive lines.  The bigger question then, is which team's deficiencies loom larger?  To answer I say the Giants offensive line will prevail over Dallas' defensive front, even despite having to deal with DeMarcus Ware, and what should be Dallas' inclination to pick on rookie right tackle Justin Pugh.  Offsetting that scenario is my belief that the Giants will be able to run the ball against the Cowboys.

Until JPP is fully healthy, the Giants defensive line seems a little light in the ranks.  Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka will start at the respective end positions, and that's not a bad situation at all.  If he plays, Jason Pierre Paul's performance tonight, or lack there of, will be very telling.

If only to see them in action, I'm terribly curious about what kind of linebackers we'll have.  That unit is concerning.  Otherwise, it's the secondary versus Tony Romo and his receivers which disturbs me entering tonight's game.  In fact, I do not think the Giants are ready for this match-up.  I'm not pleased with what I saw during pre-season.  The Giants have lost their last two opening games, and tonight I believe they will drop their third straight.

Even if the Giants do manage a couple of sacks, for tonight at least, I think we're in store for something that more resembles last season, over what they could look like three week from now. Romo will get flushed out of the pocket due to good coverage and the Giants pass rush, then hurt us down field.....repeatedly.  It's a damn catch-22.  But fret not Giants fans, I'm a believer, just not tonight.  This has more to do with Tony Romo looking good early in the season, only to become a colossal failure later when Fall turns into Winter.

The Giants like to do things the hard way, and well, losing on opening night is part of that.  But I have a suspicion the Giants and Cowboys will see each other three times this season.  First, I think the Giants need one more week before they're settled.  Or, I need another week to figure them out.

Either way, football is back.  Happy day!


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