Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trolley Ride! Today we Eat With A Brooklyn ICON - JUNIOR'S

Oh what a beautiful day in the BloggerHood it was neighbors. 
It was in the 40's under a rich blue, unblemished sky.

I've been in contact with some pretty exceptional persons these past two months.  But before I get to them, and namely a gentleman named Hasting, who is truly responsible for making today's post possible, I want to share with you two things I learned at very different times in my life but which I live by today.  They are:

First - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.
Second - The worst question you could ever ask is the one you don't (ask).

If you take those two things into consideration, add in the notion I believe you can say anything to anyone as long as you exercise Tact, you now know three more things about me.

Hastings, is our V.I.P. guest today Trolley Riders.  He is the latest reason which reaffirms everything I love about living here.  I honestly don't have a pitch prepared for unsuspecting people I approach.  I'm just trying to be as straight to the point as I can and get them to understand I have nothing but good intentions.  Has it been weird?  No...not at all.  Talking with the people in your neighborhood is a practice in civility and respect.  Do it well and you will be treated in kind.

My new friend Hastings, is the Manager of a Brooklyn Icon; an institution famous for their specialty, in addition to everything great they do, the world over.  Hastings and I just met.  He said we are all welcome, like so many famous people who've come here, to warm our bones after I take you on a grand tour this winter afternoon.  Because this Brooklyn Icon is such a special place, it deserves a proper under card.

Early 40's photo courtesy of a resident from 1 Prospect Park West


...and as it looks today.

C'mon Neighbors....It's Time to Jump The Trolley Again!  We'll start at Grand Army Plaza, where they have a farmer's street market going on.  Grand Army Plaza is your classic traffic circle where monuments to the Union Soldiers of the Civil War stand.  It serves as part of the Northern Entrance Gate to Prospect Park, and the Brooklyn Public Library's Main Branch sits across the street.  It's where Prospect Park West, Eastern Parkway and Flatbush Avenue all come together. 

From Grand Army Plaza we'll be heading north, straight up Flatbush Avenue towards downtown, just blocks from the Manhattan Bridge, and meet up with our host for the day.

We start at the weekly farmers market.

  It sits at the gate to Prospect Park.  The park behind me offers this view.

This is the Arch to the Defenders of the Union.
...and these are some of the accompanying statues.

The Brooklyn Public Library's Main Branch.

This is The Arch and Prospect Park behind us now.

Moving north we pass Poseiden's Fountain.

 This is the view looking northward on Flatbush Avenue.  Our final destinations lies in the middle of all that.  I hope you're hungry because we have a double treat for you.  Not only does the place we're going to have some of the best food in all of  Brooklyn, not to mention their WORLD'S FAMOUS CHEESECAKE, JUNIOR'S Restaurant has an extraordinary Brooklyn Dodgers' collection displayed on their walls; Pure Eye Candy for the Baseball Fan in All of Us!

At the foot of the Manhattan Bridge on Flatbush Avenue at DeKalb Avenue;
the Famous Junior's Restaurant.








I went to Junior's knowing of their Baseball/Brooklyn Dodgers collections. 
The question was would they let me "blog it".  Did they ever!

These are my most favorite Brooklynites EVER!

I  Love the Honeymooners!!

Folks, today's pictures, hospitality, and cure for your grumbling hungry stomachs come courtesy of HASTING STAINROD and JUNIOR'S Most Fabulous Restaurant.  They are Celebrating their 60th year in Brooklyn.  Junior's continues to be the undisputed KINGS of Cheesecake.  If you're a local, or if you're in New Jersey 'jonzing' for all that great food you used to eat but can't anymore because you moved away and now you have to come back once a week to get all the stuff you love because Jersey ain't got it....,, or Long Island, or even Connecticut, come in before January 31st and get a free slice of their insanely good, famous cheesecake to compliment your meal.

And now Baseball Fans, my new friend and your host of the day, Hasting, offers you..
 The Spirit; The Essence of the Brooklyn Dodgers Lives at Juniors'
 for your viewing pleasure:

This is a home made, cardboard model of Ebbets Field.  It's affixed to the wall and was hard to get a good angle on it.  I think you get the idea though.

These chairs from Ebbets Field made my whole experience.














The Old Soul of the Brooklyn Dodgers accompany us during our commutes to work, as we walk our dogs or while we take our kids to school.  Somewhere, someone's Grandpa is sporting a Brooklyn Dodger's cap, hoping, even for a fleeting moment, there was a game at 1:30 that afternoon.  Somehow our children, the young ones know who Pee Wee was, and who The Duke of Flatbush was.  And it's as if Jackie still walked our sidewalks today.  Show me a Yankee jersey.  Show me a Met's jersey.  I'll show you as many Brooklyn Dodger shirts and jerseys.  I have mine!

I'd like to extend my most sincere appreciation, and express my gratitude to, and for,  my encounter with Hasting Stainrod.  Thank you very kindly for a most pleasurable experience.  Your graciousness and hospitality sets a standard for Brooklyn enterprises.  Junior's always was and always will continue to be one of my favorite places on Earth.  Folks, they ship anywhere, and this is the cheesecake I eat.  I will not buy anyone else's.  Theirs just can not be beat!! 


I hope you enjoyed today's TrolleyRide.  It was my pleasure presenting Junior's Brooklyn Dodger Collection to you.  And thank you again to Junior's Restaurant.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.
Hasting...You're the man!  Thanks.



  1. Great blog layout you have here, Keep up the great work!

  2. Matt...thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying my "trolley trip". Where can I find your page?

  3. I go to Junior's for two reasons: strawberry cheesecake + coffee = heaven!

  4. Junior's certainly has the best cheesecake in the universe! Great classic deli food too.


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