Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jorge Posada...the Jack Morris of Catchers

Jorge Posada is one of my guys.  Let's be clear.  A comment I made to:   "Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees" inspired me to pen this post.

Jorge Posada will never get the true credit for being, in a most literal sense, the Yankees Back Bone.  Jorge has always been willing to stick his neck out for his team mates, when so many of them over the last 8 years have not.  He was always willing to do what needed to be done when so many wouldn't, even if it meant going against the Yankee way.  Who else I ask you?  Who? - ...took it upon himself to send an occasional message to the American League, Don't Mistake Our Kindness For Our Weakness! (my words to express the sentiment).  I defy you to compile that list for me.  Jorge always had his team mates backs!  So many would never step their game up and bring to the game what, at times, the situation dictated.

Because he's in the shadow of Jete and ARod, and other players and contracts of yor..(Giambi et-al), Jorge has to simmer inside.  He often gets criticized.  Sometimes it's warranted when it concerns defense, but I'm not here to speak of that today.

Casey Stengel used to say of Yogi Berra, "I never play without my Guy".  Whether Yogi was behind the dish, left field or first base, Casey always played with his Guy.  The Yankees more than ever are reliant on their GUY!. Jorge Posada.  He gets knocked, disrespected, barreled over, nicked and under appreciated for all of it.  Pitchers and their issues are no less guilty contributing to this phenomena.  But I will tell you those same pitchers love him when he connects in clutch moments.  WHO'S Knocking Jorge Then?  You know who you are!! And I'm Not Even A Yankee Friendly!!  I'm talking to you "select" Yankee fans.  You know who alright.

No catcher has more RBI over the last 10 years in baseball.  Championships?  He's moving on to the next hand.  I'll say as it stands today, no he is not a Hall of Famer.  He's close...Real close.  He should be able to solidify our opinions over the next 2 years if hopefully Father Time is good to him.  Let's see.


Until then he is like the Jack Morris of Catchers. 
That's not a bad thing. 
Jorge is still one of my Guys no matter what!

Hip-Hip  Jorge!!
Hip-Hip  Jorge!!

How's that Yankee fans?

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  1. I really like this post. I think Jorge is a borderline Hall of Famer. But I agree with you that the rest of his career will determine whether he gets in or not. If he wins another World Series or two, I think he's definitely in.
    Thanks for the shout-out!


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