Sunday, January 03, 2010

Goodbye GIANTS STADIUM, good riddance Meadowlands.

Consider this my first post into anything other than Baseball and Brooklyn.  And away we go...!

Good-bye Giants Stadium, and greater Meadowlands Sports Complex.  I appreciated you.  But somehow this doesn't have the gravitas like the closing of SHEA STADIUM, or The House Where Sparky Spit,  The House That George Razed, the Cathedral, YANKEE STADIUM has.

I had some good times there.  Don't get me wrong.  There's just not that much of an emotional attachment like Shea, The Stadium (better?), or even what Madison Square Garden means to me.  It is what it is.

In my 43 years on this planet, as a FOOTBALL GIANTS fan,  I've been to 3 games; one in 1985, 1989 and lastly, the 1993 playoff game versus the Vikings.  That was a great time, and the best moment I was present for.  The best moment of all time at Giants Stadium was voted on.  That moment is the 1986/7 NFC Championship, Wind Blown, Paper Snowing victory over the Redskins.  Voted the second greatest moment was opening day the next season when the Giants celebrated their 3rd Super Bowl victory with their fans.

However, I have awesome memories of going to many NASL COSMOS games in the late 70's.  Pele's last game was THE biggest event I attended at the Meadowlands.  1978 was as fun a year rooting for the Cosmos as any other, with any of my teams.  You didn't know it then.  But I know today, those COSMOS days were special!  The crowds were incredible.

My other source of Meadowland merriment came when the U.S.F.L. kicked-off.  I took an instant liking to the league and the NEW JERSEY GENERALS.  That league should have stayed in the spring.  They would probably still be around today.  Those were good times too!

I went to a couple of concerts at the old Brendan Byrne Arena (I don't keep up with these dumb name changes anymore).  I saw Judas Priest, OzzY, Sabbath and I don't even remember who anymore back in the 80's.  But there were others.

And that's it....the extent of my associations with Giants Stadium and the Meadowlands.  Good-bye 'Ol-Chum.  It's been...alright.

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