Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boca Juniors...Abbondanzieri announces retirement after 2010.

Boca Team circa 1906

We'll I told you there'd be some soccer here too.  The  CLUB ATLETICO BOCA JUNIORS, is a team from my childhood.  This may have been the first sports and team I was ever introduced to as a child.  I've kept my eye on them ever since.  There's really no one I come in contact with who, one- follows soccer, and two-if they did would know an Argentinian team.  So, it's just me and this blog, and until I get a follower.

Their GoalKeeper, the very popular, El 'Pato' Roberto Abbandanzieri, anounce he will retire once 2010 matches draw to a close. 

At 38 years of age, he said it's time.  He says in the coming year he'll try to enjoy himself as much as possible. 

I hope he accomplishes that.  And thank you for everything!


picture credit, wikapedia

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