Friday, June 24, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Not Now KRod! Not Now.

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  The Truth Shall Set ME Free.


Just shut up and pitch!   ...Like you've been doing very well for us this year.  This team and the fans have too much going on right now to have to deal with the trivial.

I personally don't need anyone currently wearing a Met uniform speculating about playing for the Yankees; trade deadline or no deadline!  You say stuff like - I don't know what the future holds - Today I am a Met and I'll pitch for them whenever they call on me to do so - I'm only interested in helping this team win......

Say stuff like that! - Like Jose Reyes is.  You don't have to be Shakespeare with the English language.  Just avoid the topic and take the high road.  Don't be goaded by the Media into lighting your own funeral pyre.

Will The Mets Finally Find .500 Again In Texas?

Only MIKE PELFREY can answer that tonight.  Texas can flat out hit.  So, being as K-Rod got me all worked up, let me tell you what I really feel about Mike Pelfrey.

Part of  the problem I have with him is his former pitching coach; Rick "Simon Bar Sinister" Peterson, and a philosophy of throwing everything off the fastball action.  Fastballs; sliders; and sinkers all look the same with regard to arm action.  The problem is it's too easy for batters to guess right; and for batter to guess wrong, and still get it right.  If Mike Pelfrey's sinker isn't pounding downward in the strike zone, batters foul off pitches at will against Pelfrey and sit on a juicy pitch over the plate.

There is no true deception in this style repertoire.  It's more of a guessing game.  But like I said, it's easier to guess right, and one can even be effective when guessing wrong because the speed of the pitch is relatively the same. 

The package-o-fastballs; sliders; sinkers are designed to swing and miss; hence, the swingable strike.  I believe it to be a flawed philosophy.  I am a big proponent of the curveball.  Fastball; change-up; curveball; and location; that's me.  Sliders are great but only when they slide and they work off the fastball.  And there in lies one of Pelfrey's biggest problems; he isn't over-powering anyone with his fastball.

I hope I'm reading this all wrong and Big Pelf shuts-out the Texas Rangers; and shuts me, up.

We'll know after the game.

Let's Go Mets......everybody!


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