Friday, June 17, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Mets Balk At Chance To Go Above .500

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

New York Mets:  Take A Deep Breath And Hold It.  We're Going Under .500 Again.

The Mets have been bobbing near, but not quite at .500 for a while.  And Wednesday they finally got a full breath of air when Dillon Gee and the bullpen defeated Atlanta for a second consecutive night.  The big deal was Wednesday night's game finally got New York back to the .500 mark. 

In the last game of this three game series on Thursday, the Mets were trying to sweep Atlanta in their park which has been a virtual Spook-A-Rama for the Mets over the years.  And so, sadly after tonight, kiss .500 good-bye; take a deep breath; and hold it.  We're going under again.

The Mets came back in a game they seemed out of early, trailing 6-2.  R.A. Dicky had perhaps his worst, or one of his worst outings of the season and was gone after four innings.  The Mets then managed to take a 2 run lead with the score reading 8-6 heading into the ninth inning.  Got to hand it to the gritty Mets again on that one.

But then, surprise! - Francisco Rodriguez picked the worst time imaginable to tap into his inner Armando Benitez and blow his first game after 19 consecutive saves.  He surrendered a game tying, two run bomb to Brooks "freakin" Jacobs Who?!

Then, if that wasn't good enough to make you shake your head, maybe ending the game on a BALK! - will.  A balk called against the Mets' RJ Carrasco with a man on third base sealed it for the Braves..

And so the Mets aversion to .500 continues.  Another fleeting moment of having a balanced account is gone.

Farewell .500;  until we meet again.


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