Sunday, June 19, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Amazin Yo-Yo's and Super Novas

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  Mike Pelfrey Reels in The Mets' Yo-Yo.  We're Back To Within A Game Of .500..., Again.

Carlos Beltran:  A Phantom Star Going Super Nova Just Before His Time As A Met Flickers Out.

It was One; Two; and Three runs that scored in the Ol' Ballgame.  A run in the third; two in the fourth; and three runs in the fifth inning were more than enough to cover Mike Pelfrey's clipping of Anaheim's wings.

The hand-licking enigma pitched a complete game with only one home run marring his line for the day.  Good Pelf allowed the Angels a mere five hits; no walks and stuck out five in a 123 pitch nine inning effort.  But because of inconsistency, he only improved his season record to 4-5. These last nine innings dropped his ponderous ERA to 4.70, and well, we're forced to take that at face value. 

Mike Pelfrey's fourth win at least sets up the chance the Mets can win the rubber game of this series with the Angels and regain a grip on .500 baseball again today.  The Mets' young, emerging, curve ball specialist; Jon Niese; will attend to that matter today.

Carlos Beltran powered the Mets yesterday.  If he hasn't done so already, I'm sure he has many a GM's attention now.  Carlos Beltran now has 10 home runs on the season to go along with 43 RBI, and it's way before the All-Star break!  And not to mention, the oft-cranky kneed and misunderstood former All-Star has been a horse this season playing with nary a day-off to his credit.

There will be none of the "he's playing for a contract" rhetoric here.  Carlos Beltran is merely doing what he can do when healthy.  With regret, it is our particular situation as fans and an organization, that makes Carlos Beltran a phantom star for the Mets these days.  We can not get compensation picks if we let him walk away as a free agent.  That clause was given to him by Omar Minaya.  And so the better he plays, the sooner Sandy Alderson may strike a deal for the re-emerging and genuine star.

The compartmentalizing of the 2011 season for me continues in what I can only describe as a very odd year.  As we speak, the Wilpons are breaking out in a rash over the K-Rod Clause should that kick-in based on appearances.  Yet he is having an All-Star Game worthy season while helping keep the Mets in relative contention.

Jose Reyes is making a legitimate early argument for National League MVP.  As he enters his prime age, he's also entering into his own as a player (if you'll allow me to butcher that phrase).  He's in the midst of a career year.  And for someone who's taking life one day at a time and enjoying the moment while leading the; once again crippled; Mets, he went and secured the services of Agent Impossible; Scott Boras; to worry about his future for him. 

Forget the K-Rod Rash; this situation has the Wilpons breaking out in hives!  Additionally, Met Fans officially find themselves on one of two clearly defined sides of the fence.  The foxholes have been dug.  On one side of the Jose Reyes Front is the TRADE HIM contingent.  On the other side, the KEEP REYES CAMP is at the ready.  Unfortunately for both sides of the argument, finances might ultimately make this decision for us.

Compartmentalization?  What then?

CORRECTION: Apparently Jose Reyes will not switch agents.


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
(SP - Jon Niese)

Roosevelt Avenue Grounds,  Flushing


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