Wednesday, June 22, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Rain Delay Pauses A Bad Day.

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  There's More Than Just Rain Falling In Flushing Tonight.

In almost all places on Planet Earth, when it rains, little droplets of water fall happily from moisture saturated clouds upon the land.  But over Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, the cumulonimbus formations overhead yield pianos that come crashing down to the ground.

Early season savior; Dillon Gee; couldn't find the strike zone last night just as the clock started ticking on the rest of the Met season in addition to the fates of several players.  Jose Reyes told the Mets to hit the mute button on any contract talks till after the season.  And today we found out Ike Davis will be out at least another three weeks and could possibly be out the rest of the year.

Dillon Gee?  No one expected that streak to last forever.  But the loss did come with some bad timing.  The Mets were coming into the game following an off-day in which Sandy Alderson was made to respond to questions and a microphone in his face.  And basically, the future of the New York Mets will be decided over the next five to six weeks.  Dillon Gee's outing just came when they were still trying to get closer to .500 and instead moved farther away by game's end.

To start the day however, Met Fans were treated to news that Jose Reyes communicated to the Mets Front Office his wishes that he and the Mets do not negotiate a new pact during the season.  It's an age-old move and should surprise no one.  But more often than not, that tact is usually the first nail in the proverbial coffin. 

But there is always hope.  Last off-season, Derek Jeter and the Yankees struck a deal to retain the shortstop.  After acquiring him in the trade with Florida, Mike Piazza was also allowed to head into the off-season without an in-season commitment from the Mets.  The Mets however, will have to ante up.  In not so many words, Jose Reyes made it known there will be no home-town discount.

The bizarre injury to Ike Davis just took a turn towards freakishly ridiculous.  In three weeks, Met Doctors will better know if Ike's ankle is getting better, or worse. 


Somehow, and someway, the Met Doctors are highly respected throughout MLB.  Now..., I myself am not a doctor; nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last night; and I certainly don't play one on TV; but the list of players mishandled or misdiagnosed by the team is growing like a list being written to Santa Clause.  This is a phenomenon that now spans two different General Managers.

What in the name of Doctor Moreau is going on in Flushing?

Ryan Church; John Maine; Carlos Delgado; Jose Reyes; Carlos Beltran; Jason Bay; David Wright; Johan Santana; just to name a few; and now Ike Davis, have at one point or another, been on the wrong side of a diagnosis.

Are these just strange "twilight zone" type coincidences we keep reliving?  Or has this Med Staff indeed established a pattern know;  I don't wanna say it.  But you know what I'm thinking.



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