Saturday, September 14, 2019

PIGSKIN 2019: Week Two

Week Two


Week One Record: 4-9
Schmear of the Week: 1-0
Bagels in the Basket: -2

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1st and Ten
  • Patriots are still undisputed champions of the National Football League, just ask Pittsburgh.
  • Man, Jerry Jones looked happy last week.
  • Larry Fitzgerald is still great.
2nd and Long
  • Yeah, I tried getting cute last week with numerous underdogs, but who does well in week one?
  • New York State's only real team is about win its second straight game over a team from New Jersey.
No Gain
  • Jaguars acquire quarterback; Jaguars lose quarterback.  Nick Foles is gonna be out for a while.
  • S'up with Cam Newton?
  • Daniel Snyder still has not changed the team name.  Who's hounding him about it?
  • Terry Bradshaw trolling Antonio Brown.
  • Odell Beckham trolling Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.
  • Jets quarterback Sam Darnold contracts mononucleosis.


Friday Line NYDN

Bills -2 GIANTS
I have no confidence in the Giants defensive abilities or lack thereof.  Without Sterling Shepard, the offense will be completely one dimensional.  All eyes will be on Saquon Barkely.  Look for Buffalo to pack another guy in the box and dare Eli to beat them over the top.
WIN; 28-14 Bills

Browns -6 JETS (Monday Night)
This WAS gonna be an entertaining watch.  Now that Sam Darnold has contracted mononucleosis (of all things), not so much.  The Trevor Siemian era begins, albeit without Quincy Enunwa.  Odell Beckham will have the nation's attention all to himself.
WIN; 23-3 Browns

Colts +3 TITANS
Tennessee's commanding victory over Cleveland was impressive.  Las Vegas seems to think less of it.  Titans are only laying three because the Colts even without Andrew Luck are still a good team.  Week one they took the Chargers into overtime.
WIN; 19-17 Colts

Chargers -2 1/2 LIONS
Lions blew a 17-3 half-time lead against the Cardinals.  I think Philip Rivers will find a way through this one.
Loss; 13-10 Lions

Cardinals +13 Ravens
The Ravens put up 49-points against the Fish ... I get it.  But, no ...
WIN; 23-17 Ravens

DOLPHINS +18 1/2 Patriots
History says stick with the Pats.  I'm a contrarian at heart.
Loss; 43-0 Patriots

Cowboys -4 1/2 THE D.C. SNYDERS
I reckon the Cowboys are feeling as good as a fly on a cow patty right about now.  The D.C. team started out strongly last week against the Eagles then kinda faded away.
WIN; 31-21 Cowboys

TEXANS -8 1/2 Jaguars
Nick Foles is not walking through that door ...
Loss; 13-12 Texans

Seahawks +3 1/2 STEELERS
The Seahawks almost made the Bengals look good.  I'm expecting a better performance against a completely befuddled Steelers team.  When Pittsburgh wins a game, then we'll talk.
WIN; 28-26 Seahawks

49ers +1 BENGALS
Bengals are home and can't even lay the obligatory three.  Las Vegas isn't buying their performance against the Seahawks either.
WIN; 41-17 Niners

Vikings +3 PACKERS
A good Packers defense faces a better offense this week against the Vikings.  Minnesota last week shut out Atlanta for three quarters.  Aaron Rogers doesn't seem to like this head coach either.
Loss; 21-16 Packers

Chiefs -7 1/2 RAIDERS
It would be a mistake to overlook Oakland's week one defeat of the Broncos.  Just not this week.
WIN; 28-10 Chiefs

RAMS -2 1/2 Saints
Warning Will Robinson!  My flip of a coin says the Rams gain a shallow victory at home.  I wonder what Drew Brees is thinking at this very moment.
WIN; 27-9 Rams

BRONCOS +2 1/2 Bears
Mitch Trubisky is bad to begin with.  But few people know his all his flaws better than new Broncos head coach Vic Fangio.  Denver will figure this one out.
WIN; 16-14 Bears

Eagles -1 FALCONS
What's up with the Falcons?  What's up with this spread?
Loss; 24-20 Falcons

Schmear of the Week (1-0)
Eagles -1

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everyone!

Week Two Record:  10-5
Overall Record:  14-14
Schmear of the Week:  1-1
Bagels in the Basket:  flat

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