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N.Y. Giants: Running Away From Trouble Never Solves Anything

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Lack of a running game will finally come to bear versus the Eagles

New York Giants: The Running Game is a Disgrace! Four QBs Have Scrambled For More Yardage Than Rashad Jennings!

After six regular season games, Rashad Jennings leads the New York Giants with 180 rushing yards.

(insert uncomfortable silence here..)

You read that right.  To put that into a quantum physics perspective, he has averaged a mere 10.6 rushes for 36-yards per game.  Put yet another way, there are 33 other NFL running backs with more yardage than Rashad - that's more players than there are NFL teams.  Even worse, there are four - I said FOUR - quarterbacks with more rushing yards than Rashad Jennings.

This running game is a disgrace!  It's literally offensive to Giants fans (pardon the pun), and a direct result of this regime's pass-perverted philosophy.

While it's true Eli had ice flowing through his veins, there's two other major reasons why the Giants beat the Packers, TWICE, en route to the Super Bowl - Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Make no mistake, none of this is a reflection on Jennings, or Andre Williams for that matter. But, in the name of Rob Carpenter, I want to know what the hell coach Ben McAdoo, Tom Coughlin, and even Jerry Reese, are collectively thinking?

You've heard this all before.  I most recently went though it with:

I initially offered my full expanded thought on this subject at the very start of the season.  If you're going to read anything, I suggest you please revisit the following, as it gets to the heart and genesis of everything:

Now the lack of a running game will finally come to bear against the Eagles.  That's because Eli Manning is nearly fresh out of healthy receivers.  Did you see Dwayne Harris drop an easy first down against the Niners?  I did too.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. - hamstring/unquestionably compromised
  • Rueben Randle - hamstring/unquestionably compromised.
  • Victor Cruz is still listed as OUT - calf.

Reliability will come at a premium them.  Eli will once again be forced to utilize Larry Donnell and Shane Vereen out of the backfield as was the case against San Francisco.

In truth, it would have been nice get throw-happy against the Eagles.  Even though hobbled of late, the Giants are still ranked 12th in the league in passing yardage, while the Eagles have alternately allowed the league's 7th most yards through the air.  It could have, and would have been a good match-up for the Giants, if only...

But, such as life.

If there was ever a time to commit to the run, establish it early, stick with it throughout and let it wear down the opponent, and allow it to control the clock and ultimately the fourth quarter, it would be this Monday night in Philadelphia.  Do that, and the Donnell/Vereen connection should work out well enough to keep Philadelphia honest.
  • Vereen led the Giants with eight receptions for 86-yards last week against the Niners, and was on the field late in the game when OBJ and Randle were no longer physically able.  That said, Coach McAdoo has utilized him quite oddly this season.

Exactly one week ago I said Rashad and Andre have moved the chains at times this season with power, but only as the play calling allows.  That said, Ben McAdoo has Eli Manning leading the NFL in pass attempts.  At last count, he's elected to throw 197 times, while electing to run only 118 times.   That translates to 23.6 rushes and 39.4 pass attempts per game.

That simply will not due.

It stands to reason that if he keeps overtaxing OBJ's and "the necessary" Rueben Randle's respective hamstrings, he'll jeopardize any continued effectiveness, or even compromise their playing time.   What good is getting Victor Cruz back on the field, if you're just going to lose OBJ, Randle, or both?

That's why this must be the week Coach McAdoo reverses his season long trend of passing noticeably more often than electing to run, and commit to a more ground oriented style.  I speak for Sunday and nothing more, because at the very least the Giants need to prove they're even capable.

As former Giants safety Antrel Rolle used to say, "at the end of the day" this is usually less a discussion about the ground game than it is playing a broken record.

Defense: There are just too many injuries, inadequacies, and idiots to keep up with the Eagles this week.

The Eagles aren't as terrible as their poor start led many to believe.  They'll score points Monday night.  Be sure.

With the Giants lacking a pass rush, and now missing two starting linebackers and a starting corner, this may easily to devolve into one of those prime time Big Blue disasters.

The Giants already ranked dead last against the pass even before more injuries mounted last week.  So, they stand every chance of making Sam Bradford look like Norm Van Broklin this week.

Remember how good they made Kirk Cousins look?


I bet the Eagles won't even run the ball much, which is presently the Giants only legitimate defensive strength.

Special teams anyone?

Defensive wounded list:
  • Jon Beason - concussion
  • Devon Kennard - hamstring
  • Prince Amukamara - partially torn pectoral muscle
  • Robert Ayers - hamstring
  • George Selvie - calf
  • JPP - missing digits and common sense

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