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N.Y. Giants: Running To Daylight With Sunglasses On

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San Francisco 49ers
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The Snoopy Bowl

NEW YORK GIANTS: There are no such things as dire circumstances in the NFC East, only chance and opportunity.

Part I of IV

COWBOYS 27; Giants 26
Falcons 24; GIANTS 20
GIANTS 32; D.C. Hogs 21
Giants 24; BILLS 10

The road to an NFC East title has remarkably been detoured through East Rutherford, proving time and again that one team's misfortune and/or dysfunction are another team's opportunity.

Ever mounting injuries continue taking a heavy toll on the Dallas Cowboys, and will do so for several weeks to come.  Elsewhere, the D.C. Hogs remain locked in an eternal struggle against themselves, while the Eagles are safely chained in the division basement until further notice.

In a tumultuous first quarter season, the Giants recovered from their 0-2 start to even their record with consecutive victories over Washington and a particularly convincing one over Buffalo.

Last week's game was certainly an attitude adjuster, causing fans to seriously rethink a great many things.  For instance, the Giants have effectively controlled roughly 235 of a possible 240 minutes played over four games and 16 quarters of football.  It's just that those two gaffes late in games One and Two were so self-destructive, and completely unnecessary.

The second quarter of the season begins with the NFC East locked in a three way tie.  Big Blue is seemingly in the best shape to seize control of a leaderless pack.

Part II of IV

@ Eagles
@ Saints

GAME FIVE: Niners @ Giants

ICYMI: Running of the Bills; Applied SPAGnology

Some of the Niners cast members might still be the same, but San Francisco's performance is far from what we grew accustomed to under Jim Harbaugh.  

The familiar Colin Kaepernick, Anquan Bolden, Vernon Davis, and the 49ers offense are last in total yards per game, and total points scored.  San Francisco's ground game is another matter.  Despite no longer having Frank Gore in the loop, the Niners have nevertheless accumulated the most rushing yards to date, and rank 5th in average yards rushed per game.  All told, however, the Niners are only averaging a mere 12 ppg after four weeks of play.

Defensively, the Niners have allowed the league's 6th most total points, and 10th most total yardage per game.

20.5 points allowed per game
386 yards allowed per game

The Giants, meanwhile, have allowed the NFL's 7th most overall yards.  They have allowed the second most yards through the air, and have averaged the most passing yards allowed per game.  But, they're number one against the run.  They've allowed opponents the 10th most time of possession, allowed the 13th fewest points, and average the 8th least points allowed per game.

25.5 points scored per game
335 yards gained per game

The Giants have rushed for the 8th fewest yards in the NFL, and average the 9th least rushing yards per game.  Through the air, the Giants have only thrown for the 18th most yards in the NFL, and are yet to surpass 1,000 passing yards through 4 games played. They're 19th in average passing yards per game.

Crossed Connections:

Eli Manning's first INT of the season came part and parcel with this whole perverted pass doctrine under Coughlin.  Just saying...

Moose Johnston was covering the game on FOX and pointed out that Rueben Randle should have fought harder to make that particular reception, and I couldn't have agreed more.  He was targeted 6 times but only made 3 receptions for 31 yards (and a touchdown).

The man is slow off the line, telegraphs his cuts, and as Moose pointed out, doesn't place himself between the defender and the ball well enough.  His ineffectiveness has done little to relieve OBJ of double teams.

Eli, meanwhile, has limited his INTs this season, but his in-game management has seemingly gone to pot.  The same spirits that possessed Eli in the latter stages of games One and Two, returned with about 4:00 left in Game Four.  Fortunately they were exorcised in time to stave off yet another 4th quarter disaster.  He must suffer occasional spells of voodoo from growing up in New Orleans  I guess....

If Eli does not audible, Rashad Jennings does not score a 51-yards touchdown on a play that should have been limited to a few yards at most.  I get that.  But running the clock down to zero and wasting time outs still seems routine.

In No Particular Rush:

The Giants stick with the run for sake of maintaining balance.  They certainly do not stick with it long enough to let it wear opponents down or dictate a game.  In previous seasons, the reasons were glaringly evident as to why.  This season, however, there's little excuse not to run more.

Ereck Flowers - Justin Pugh - Weston Richburg - Geoff Schwartz - Marshall Newhouse

The offensive line is coalescing into an effective unit.  They have protected Eli very well, allowing the NFL's 3rd fewest sacks (4) this season.  They have also executed strong run blocking.  Scheme-wise, however, the Giants continue running towards daylight with their sunglasses on.

Minus any yardage gained by Eli Manning, the combination of Rashad Jennings, Andre Williams and Shane Vereen, have rushed 100 times for 343 yards, for an average of 25 rushes for 85.7 yards per game.

While not great, they've been reliable.  The manner in which they've run, however, has been impressive at times.  Rashad and Andre have moved the chains with power, but only as the play calling allows.

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