Friday, October 30, 2015

N.Y. Mets: An Aggressive World Series Podcast; Game 3

Here's our latest World Series podcast at 

This definitely AINT Kansas, Toto!


This was not the most G-Rated show we've ever had!
Yours truly unleashed at least two F-Bombs, I can recall.  The first one just came out, I swear.  
Let's just chalk the second one up to anger management.  How irresponsible of me.

Rich hosted and said a bad word too!  So.., there!
Blame Sam.  He set the tone by saying - This Sucks.

Recap of Games 1 & 2 @ Kansas City
Did the Mets go away from their strengths?
We try and determine what went wrong in Kansas City.

Preview of Games 3 and 4 @ Citi Field
Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz
What needs to go right at Citi Field.
Plus all the who, what, why, and when, 
Mets fans need to hear.

As Sam put it - Chris Young?  C'MON!

Mets Down, But Not Out of World Series

*  *  * WORLD SERIES *  *  *
Kansas City Royals
New York Mets
Queens, NYC,
Roosevelt Avenue to be exact.

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