Monday, October 12, 2015

N.Y. Mets: Dem Bums Should Expect No Quarter in the Citi

From the desk of:  HEAD-BUTTING MR. MET

The Post-Season Returns To Queens

NLDS Tied 1-1
I - NYM 3; LAD 1
II - LAD 5; NYM 2

Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Mets
Roosevelt Avenue

This is the New York Mets 
8th post-season in their 54-year history.
They have played in 15 series and won 9 of them.

All-Time Post-Season Record

NLDS: Game One
Jacob deGrom tied Tom Seaver for most strikeouts 
by a Mets pitcher in a post-season game.


NLDS: Game Two
The Mets played their 75th ever post-season game.

Mets vs. Dodgers
 All-Time Post-Season Record:

FADE TO BLACK: Ruben Tejada scripted a nice comeback story, until Saturday's sudden, unfortunate, and scandalous Hollywood ending in Game Two.

The season long debate over who the Mets starting shortstop should be was finally settled after Chase Utley ended Ruben Tejada's season with a malicious slide into second base during the 7th inning of Game Two of the NLDS in Los Angeles.

Utley's actions earned him a suspension for games Three and Four in New York, and so will be spared the wrath of livid Mets fans. The rest of his team mates, however, will not.

Flushing Bay is set to boil over as Citi Field hosts its first ever playoff game and series, against the Los Angeles Dodgers no less (a team notorious for abandoning Brooklyn so many years ago, and who's old ballpark; Ebbets Field; was unceremoniously mimicked by Mets owner Fred Wilpon upon constructing Shea Stadium's replacement).

The Citi is sure to be rife with tension this evening.

In any event, this will be the Dodgers third visit to Queens for post-season play.  The Mets lost the 1988 NLCS in ponderous fashion, but exacted a measure of revenge during the 2006 NLDS.

The Wild World of Wilmer Flores Just Got a Little Wackier

Wilmer Flores will likely play through the rest of the NLDS.  This development is not exactly optimal for the Mets, however, Monday is shaping up to be a conducive situation for Wilmer Flores.

Wilmer will show up for work in a place that now embraces him like a mother hugs her child ever since the odd and ultimately uplifting events of July 31st.

On the hill, meanwhile, Matt Harvey will oppose southpaw Brett Anderson.  If the Mets were going to have their way with any of L.A.'s pitchers, this would be the one.

In 57 games and 100 at-bats against left-handers, Wilmer Flores slashed .310/.355/.600, with 8 doubles, 7 home runs, and 16 RBI.  In 6 games against the Dodgers this season, he batted .524, with 5 RBI.

The Mets are importing infield prospect Matt Reynolds to fill Tejada's spot on the NLDS roster.  It's debatable whether prospect Matt Reynolds is even incrementally better defensively than Flores at short.  So look for Wilmer to stay in there all game.

I can't help but feel badly for Ruben Tejada whom played his ass off to emerge from the abyss and back into Terry Collins' good graces.  He was named the starting shortstop entering the NLDS more so due to his own improved play than any defensive inadequacies Wilmer Flores may have.

Ruben's was a nice comeback story, until Saturday's sudden and unfortunate ending in Hollywood.


The spotlight now shines upon the Dark Night.  All eyes will be on him.  Matt Harvey can give this plot just the twist Gotham sorely needs.

The Mets need a calm, cool, and collected performance from their vigilante hurler. He must resist the temptation of openly hunting down these modern day Trolley Dodgers.

If the situation fails to present itself, he must avoid any chance of ejection. But should stealth be with him, then strike he must.

The time has also come for Harvey to ratify the hype and accolades bestowed upon him so early in his career.  His brief, yet controversial stint with the Mets has been waiting for this very moment.  It's up to Mat Harvey, now, to seize the moment.

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