Monday, October 14, 2013

N.Y. Rangers: Sather Continues Softening The Blueshirts


Feeling increasingly alone?

NEW YORK RANGERS: Yet Another Indication It Is Open Season On Tex's Rangers - Can Someone Please Place GM Glen Sather On Waivers!?

This is essentially the same team as last year, just with a new coach.  But you know what I heard after each game so far?  They need to get back to what was already ingrained into them regarding defense, and that they need to get back to doing things they already know how to do.  That screams of the stuff they used to pay keen attention to while playing for John Tortorella.  It also sounds like a lot of reminiscing by the players to me.  How do you feel about your exit interviews now boys?  They have this look about them as if wondering - what did we ask for?  To that I'll say again - you can't always give players what they want!

On that note, the GM continues to take away what this team needs most - toughness.  I wasn't exactly the biggest supporter of Aaron Asham.  He was inconsequential really.  But he did bring a measure of physicality to the ice, which is something the Rangers have methodically removed from their locker room over the last two seasons.  Glen Sather placed Asham on waivers today.  And there goes the last player who was willing to flat out fight if it meant protecting the honor of a team mate....  As a side note to this matter, Rick Nash is expected to miss at least the next two games while still suffering concussion symptoms after taking an elbow to the back of the head against San Jose.  That said, there is now one remaining player on the roster now who will stand against indiscretions taken against the Rangers.  That skater wears the C on his uniform.  He can not police the competition alone.

...And all this came against western conference clubs, who aren't necessarily known for playing intensely physical games.  The more one looks back on the Kings games, the more it looks like an aberration.  The Rangers are finally heading back east, so what do you think is going to happen now?  While getting back within their own conference might change team fortunes on the ice, I expect even more teams to push the Rangers around.

Goalie Marty Biron was also placed on waivers.  Who didn't see that coming?  Marty wasn't necessarily Alain Vigneault's favorite to back-up Lundqvist out of camp.  Biron just happened to be the best of the worst.  He never managed to recapture his effectiveness from two seasons ago, and now will contemplate retirement.


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