Tuesday, October 29, 2013

N.Y. Giants: Defense Playing The Annual Simplification Game

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NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS: Know What I Hear?  The Same Stuff As The Last Few Years.  Ponderous!

This isn't the first time the Giants defensive players needed Coach Perry Fewell to simplify his schemes!  It happened last year, and most glaringly two years ago, just in time to right themselves and win a Super Bowl.  I'm not even going to suggest the Giants will get there this season, but then again, an 8-8 record could conceivably win the NFC East.

After two consecutive victories, I'm more annoyed than anything.  Perry Fewell has consistently failed to realize the correlation between his cause, and his scheme's effects.  When Coach puts too much into his player's thinking, they struggle mightily, and oft look confused on coverage.  When he lightens their check-offs, the defense has thrived.  This condition is not this year's dilemma.  This has been a yearly pattern under Coach Fewell.  The only defense I offer for him, is that this has been a trying season for everyone.  Coach Fewell shouldn't be singled out as the primary problem here.  But this particular problem has certainly has been a recurring one.

Injuries haven't helped.  I get it.  On that note, the comeback of linebacker Jon Beason certainly has.  Ever since Dan Conner went down, middle linebacker was a huge problem, until Beason arrived.  He was in on nine tackles, and three solo tackles against the Vikings, and was in on four tackles against the Birds.  Spencer Paysinger, who was serving the position, all but disappeared Sunday.

It was Terrell Thomas who perhaps had his best game as a Giant last week.  He made ten solo tackles and recorded a sack against the Eagles.  While Antrel Rolle continues to be the most consistent Giant all season.

The schedule helped the Giants along.  Both Minnesota and Philadelphia both have more problems than a math book.  Perry Fewell now has two weeks to figure this out.  The Giants will sit out their bye week, then face the Oakland Raiders in Giants Stadium.

Of course with the Giants, if it's not one thing though, it's another.  While the defense was putting its act together over the last two weeks, Giants special teams have been getting exceedingly atrocious by the game.


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