Thursday, October 17, 2013

BK Nets: Jason Kidd's No. 5 - The First Jersey To Rise In Modern Brooklyn

From the desk of:  THE HOOPS OF FLATBUSH

2001 - 2008

BROOKLYN NETS: Jason Kidd's Number is Up.

It's his number, and if he wants it lifted to the Barclays Center rafters as quickly and quietly as possible, well then, fugheddaboudit - give the man what he wants!  He still goes down as the greatest New Jersey Nets player in the club's history whether he likes it or not.  It's certainly odd to hold a jersey retirement ceremony during the pre-season.  But Barclays Center will nevertheless be sold out tonight as the Nets take on the Miami Heat.

This will be the first of two pre-season games against Miami.  The Nets are 3-1 so far in the unofficial Jason Kidd era.  Brooklyn kicks off their regular season October 30 in Cleveland.

But make no mistake, Doctor J was the greatest New York Nets player of all-time.  The only question left to ponder is who will be Brooklyn's near-term best player of the times?

Right now, I feel Brook Lopez has the inside track.  He's young, and already ranks among the top scoring centers in the league.  If Deron Williams wasn't first hobbled by Avery Johnson, then by his ankle situation, he would have been the logical choice.  Aside from these two, no one else stands to remain in Brooklyn long enough in order to create a lasting legacy, unless that is, the current starting five push the Hoops of Flatbush all the way to a title!

And so, Jason Kidd has his mission statement in hand - win a title within two years.  That's what the owner wants, although Billy King is shooting for this season.  The team Kidd will coach, without a doubt is more talented than the Nets team Jason Kidd played for, and led to back-to-back NBA Finals.

Jason Kidd should only hope his players don't give him the same treatment Kidd gave Byron Scott.


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