Sunday, October 20, 2013

N.Y. Jets: Rex Ryan Survived John Idzik's Hiring To Coach This Game


NEW YORK JETS: Rex Ryan Survived The Hiring Of John Idzik To Coach This Game.  His Defensive Reputation Is On The Line.

The Art of War teaches, know your opponent.  When it comes to Bill Belichick, that's no easy task.  The man under the hoodie is aware of every play ever devised dating back to the 1920's.  While the Patriots can also largely thank Tom Brady for their prolonged success, it's their offensive system that has allowed many different cast members to seemingly seamlessly step in and out over the years, and contribute at high levels.  With respect to Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, the Jets should only be so lucky.

But unlike his wife, Tom Brady's legs haven't improved with age.  The book on the New England Patriots quarterback was written long ago, and still speaks truth today.  He' a virtual statue.  Disrupt the pocket and the game will change.  And if Gronk plays, defend him as Coach Bill Belichick  himself would - assign one person to hang out with him all day.

If you think that sounds simplistic, then try this one - above all, expect the expected.

If the Jets head coach is worth his mettle as a defensive mind, no one person should have more  knowledge of Gang Green's chief division rival than Rex Ryan.  As a matter of fate or destiny, or what - he survived the hiring of new GM John Idzik for one reason - to coach this game.

The Jets greatest moment under Rex Ryan came on January 16th day in 2011 when they went to Foxboro and defeated the Pats by a 27-21 final.  Including their Week Two match-up, the Jets haven't beaten the Patriots in their five meetings since.  The Jets are still in reasonably manageable shape with a 3-3 record.  But the Pats are getting away from them, and there is still Miami to hurdle first.

If only for a week, Rex Ryan can stand on top of the mountain again, after being dragged through the valley.  The Jets could conceivably spend their beings on this one game, because Rex makes players want to do that.  Whether that propels the Jets beyond Week Eight or causes them to run out of gas matters not today.

Beating New England still may not save Rex Ryan's job.  But today's game here in MetLife Stadium will once again define, if not redefine Rex Ryan's legacy as Jets head coach.  His defensive acumen is on the line.

Offensively, if there was ever a time for Ground and Pound to come through, this would be the week; to keep Tom Brady on the sidelines.  If Geno Smith and the Jets do not turn over the ball, they could conceivably spark a whole new Monday morning conversation.


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