Monday, October 07, 2013

N.Y. Giants: Blame For 0-5 Start Spreading Like The Blob

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As a rookie, Eli Manning threw nine INT's in (nine games) seven starts.
In 2008, Eli Manning threw a career low ten INT's over a full sixteen game season.
This season, he is already up to twelve.

NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS:  Eli Manning! You Just Threw Three More Interceptions, What Are You Going To Do Now?  Punt?

What Do You Want The Giants To Do - Cut Him?

I remember 1979 - been there, done that.  This team is much more talented than the Giants of thirty-odd years ago, which makes this season so befuddling.  You read some of the names on this roster from a sheet of paper, and think, hey, there's talent here.  Five weeks later, season ticket holders are scrambling to make some money back on their plans.  For those who don't often come across tickets, here's your big chance.  Frankly, I never thought an 0-5 start was possible.  Entering the season, I envisioned a 2-3 start, but not this.  I'd like to buy a pair for November please?

Here's a better one - how do all these seminal disasters always come against the Eagles?

Just as it was against the Chiefs, and for the first half against Denver, Sunday's game against the Birds was winnable heading into the fourth quarter.  The Giants even caught a break.  Michael Vick was out of the game before the first half ended.  But no matter, his back-up threw two TD passes while Eli was busy throwing three interceptions.  One INT came off Jim Cordle's helmet as Eli threw with a hand raking his face.  Fine, but the other two were seemingly thrown while in a catatonic state.  That's going to get Eli a lot of flack this week.

His interception rate is back up at unexplainably stupid levels.  His twelve picks lead the league.  And so what!  He led the league in INT during the 2007 season and WON A SUPER BOWL..!  He led the league in interceptions a second time in the season before he won his SECOND SUPER BOWL..!

For the first time since his rookie season, Eli has more INT's than TD passes.  The problem is, I could rag on Eli Manning till I'm big and blue in the face, but what are we going to do - bench him?  Trade him?  Cut him?  Exactly.  Eli is not Joe Pisarcik, so why bother?  He didn't just forget everything he knows, and threw these past Sundays in a panic.  The overall bad play of the Giants spread like the blob and finally caught up with, and consumed Eli too.

It's Jerry Reese who needs to make everything else around Eli better.  It's all relative.  If you fix the offensive line, pass protection and the running game will improve, requiring Eli to do less, which in turn makes for a more effective Eli, a formidable passing attack, and a wholesome offense that makes everybody happy.


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