Friday, November 02, 2012

PIGSKIN 2012: Football Sunday - Week Nine

Football Sunday
Week Nine:
Week Eight Record   8-5
Overall Record   51-53-2
Schmear of the Week   3-5
Bagels in the Basket   -9
* New York Jets Bye Week.
* After a horrific start, my comeback has been slow but steady.  This week I punch through the .500 mark.  I haven't finished a season in the red yet folks.  I do no intend to do so this season.  My Bagel count remains low because I'm trying to make my Schmears a little interesting.  Look where that has gotten me.
* This is the week of the road team.  I'm picking eight visitors.
* The Atlanta Falcons (7-0) are the only remaining undefeated team.
* The Patriots lead the NFL in points scored.  The Giants are second.
* Denver (4-3) is the only division leader with less than five wins.
* Jerry's World is crumbling.  The Cowboys are falling apart.
Let's roll some bagels......
Friday Line - NYDN
GIANTS -3 1/2 (Steelers)
There are only seven teams with more than 200 points.  The G-Men are one of them.  But only New England has scored more.  While most of the league has a problem bringing Big Ben down, if the  Giants defensive players get their hands on him, they are big enough to drop him.
LOSS; 24-20 Steelers
Broncos -3 1/2 (BENGALS)
...Because the Bengals are home and do a great job disappointing their fans in person.  The Broncos are one of those teams with over 200 points.
WIN; 31-23 Broncos
Cardinals +11 (PACKERS)
I laid big wood with the Pack last week, and they could only beat the Jags by nine.  Cardinals are certainly better than the Jags.  And the Packers defense hasn't exactly been the stingiest unit.
LOSS; 31-17 Packers
Dolphins -2 1/2 (COLTS)
One word - Defense.  The Dolphins are turning in a fine performance defensively this season, while Indy's offensive attack is somewhat yawn inspiring.
LOSS; 23-20 Colts
Ravens -3 1/2 (BROWNS)
The Browns  *sigh*  You should know the routine by now.
WIN; 25-15 Ravens
TEXANS -10 (Bills)
Can you say Buffalo Burgers?
WIN; 21-9 Texans
REDSKINS -3 1/2 (Panthers)
This is an interesting game because of the quarterbacks.  Cam Newton could learn a few things from RGIII about positive thinking.
LOSS; 21-13 Panthers
Lions -3 1/2 (JAGUARS)
The Lions are somewhat of a disappointment so far.  But c'mon, it's the Jaguars.
WIN; 31-14 Lions
Bears -3 1/2 (TITANS)
The Bears have given up the least amount of points in the league.  The Titans defense however couldn't stop a mailbox from scoring.  Cutler should have his way.
WIN; 51-20 Bears
SEAHAWKS -5 (Vikings)
I like Seattle's defense at home.
WIN; 30-20 Seahawks
Bucs +1 1/2 (RAIDERS)
Because the Bucs are showing a little pride and the Raiders are too inconsistent.  The Bucs defense will be ready and waiting for Palmer to chuck the ball forty five times.
WIN; 42-32 Bucs
FALCONS -4 (Cowboys)
The demise of the not so mighty Cowboys continues.
WIN; 19-13 Falcons
Eagles +3 (SAINTS)
Tough call.  The Eagles offense prevails over the Saints defense.  The Eagles aren't going to let the Giants have that much of an easy time leading the division.
LOSS; 28-13 Saints
Schmear of the Week:
Bears -3 1/2
Post Game:
Week Nine Record:   8-5
Overall Record:   59-58-2
Schmear of the Week:   4-5
Bagels in the Basket:   -3
Happy Football Sunday everyone.  May your hurricane recovery efforts go swiftly.


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