Thursday, November 08, 2012

New York Giants: Big Blue Begging For Trouble

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Poor Play Catches Up To G-Men

I didn't get to watch last week's game against the Steelers.  I had to settle for listening on the radio instead.  Never the less, I didn't like what I heard.  As it relates to the Giants, the sack attack and turnovers can only get you so far.  When you can't stop the run, and your team itself can not run the ball, you're begging for trouble.

Take away Michael Boley's fumble recovery touchdown, and the Giants offense only scored thirteen points.  Eli had one of his worst days of the season.  All he could muster was 125 yards in the air.  Beyond last Sunday, yes, Eli is in the middle of a bad stretch.  But what are we going to do, lobby for Eli to be benched?  Right, so why bother dwelling on the quarterback.

Ahmad Bradshaw and the running game got stopped cold.  The Giants were limited to sixty eight yards on the ground.  Last week's game against the Cowboys went similarly.  In fact, the last three weeks, statistically speaking, have a lot in common.  The Giants are getting outplayed.  Last Sunday it finally caught up to them.

And just for kicks....The Giants did not have a single punt return all game.  What does that say about the defensive effort?

I'm going to stick to the bright side.  What was most important was that the Giants took care of the Skins and the Cowboys previous to playing Pittsburgh to resettle their division record.  The fact the Steelers are out of conference and the other NFC East teams lost Sunday works out just fine.

* With time, hopefully I can follow up on this, and start talking about the Bengals.


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