Friday, October 05, 2012

PIGSKIN 2012; Football Sunday - Week Five

Football Sunday
Week Five:
Week Four Record: 8-5-1
Overall Record: 23-32-2
Shmear of the Week: 2-2
Bagels in the Basket: -11
* The Jets are in deep deep trouble.  Rex gave his guys two full days off from practice.  That might turn into a huge mistake.
* The Bengals do not seem to be as flaky as they've been in recent seasons.  Did I speak too soon?
* Pittsburgh's defense should be back to full strength this weekend.  But will they be good?
* One quarter of the regular season is already behind us.  Really?
* Enjoyed my first winning Sunday of the season last week.  I was able to reduce my Bagel deficit with a +5 day.
During the week:
Let's roll some Bagels...
*Friday Line ~ NYDN
GIANTS -9 (Browns)
If you follow me, then you know Browns games are my Kryptonite.  Something tells me the Giants are going to let the Browns hang around.  I want to say Cleveland will cover.  But I just can't get myself to do it.
WIN; 41-27 Giants
Texans -8 1/2 (JETS)*
They can push this game back to Tuesday night.  It still won't matter.  The Jets better come up with some hell of a plan for the Texans.  I think Houston will wind up in the AFC Championship game this season.  I just do not see the Jets impeding their progress.  Rex had better bring his notebook and pencil to the game.  Houston is going to school Rex's team in the art of running the football.
LOSS; 23-17 Texans
Falcons -3 (REDSKINS)
Early on, the Falcons look even better than they did last season.  I think the Falcons win by much more than a field goal.
WIN; 24-17 Falcons
STEELERS -3 (Eagles)
I'm guilty of giving the Steelers too much respect, too often.  But dude, the Steelers defense is finally getting the band back together.  Does anyone else smell a push here?
LOSS; 16-14 Steelers
Packers -7 (COLTS)
Practice time is over.  Packers are ready for some football.  And the Colts can't score.  Why isn't this line more?
LOSS; 30-27 Colts
VIKINGS -6 (Titans)
I'm the last one to give the Vikings respect.  But the Titans kinda dictate thinking here.  The Vikings are running the ball well, and are home.  What's not to like?
WIN; 30-7 Vikings
BENGALS -3 (Dolphins)
Something tells me this is the upset of the week in disguise.  But for now, Bengals get the benefit of the doubt.  Last season, they blow this game at home.  What do they do this season?
LOSS; 17-13 Dolphins
Ravens -6 (CHIEFS)
I sniff a lock of the week right here.  What gives?  I think Vegas is being way too generous here.  I expect Kansas City to lose by a lot more.
LOSS; 9-6 Ravens
Seahawks +3 (Panthers)
The feeding frenzy Seattle unleashed upon Aaron Rodgers is still fresh in my mind.  I know Seattle folded like a poker chair last week.  But....
WIN; 16-12 Seahawks
Bears -5 1/2 (JAGUARS)
Chicago is just starting to roar.  They are no juggernaut.  But they are surely much better than the Jags.  I see the Bears like I do the Texans.  They both have their quarterback back, and now want to wreck the league.
WIN; 41-3 Bears
PATRIOTS -6 1/2 (Broncos)
This game is very interesting.  I'm inclined to say stay away.  But then, I can see the Patriots winning by ten points.
WIN; 31-21 Patriots
49ERS -10 (Bills)
The Bills lost 52-28 to the Patriots last week in Buffalo.  How would you interpret that?
WIN; 45-3 49ers
Chargers +3 (SAINTS)
You might want to go the other way, being that the Saints are in the Dome and all.  I just think Phillip Rivers is on a mission.
Sunday Night
Ravens -6 (Chiefs)
Week Five Record:   7-6
Overall Record:   30-38-2
Schmear of the Week: 2-3
Bagels in the Basket:  -12
Happy Football Sunday everyone.  Good luck this week, so long as your team doesn't interfere with my team's best interests.

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