Thursday, November 01, 2012

New York Giants: Win In Dallas While Sandy Batters Homes

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NEW YORK GIANTS:  G-Men Escape Dallas With Win.  But Their Homes Lose Against Hurricane Sandy.

Just because life got interrupted by a hurricane doesn't mean it escaped me how badly the Giants got outplayed in Dallas.  Be cause they did.  If Tony Romo wasn't such a... bonehead, the G-Men lose.

Here's a couple of things to chew on about Sunday's win.  First, for the second time this season (and thank goodness that's over), Tony Romo dissected the Giants Secondary like they were frogs in some high school biology class.

Corey Webster's bad season just got even more ponderous.  What possessed him to bite on an out-route and let his man pass him on what should have turned out to be a game ending Hail Mary touchdown, I will never know.  Ponderous!  The team was spared a week of antagonizing scrutiny by mere finger tips on the play.  I for one can not wait around until Week Thirteen for his game to round into form like it did last season after an equally horrific start.

Mark Witten had an insane day, and not because the Giants sacrificed him for containing a different aspect of Dallas' offense.  Because they did.  The Giants didn't allow the Cowboys to run the ball.  However, a big reason Tony Romo threw sixty two passes Sunday, was because his team was behind 23-0 in the first half.  But that doesn't shroud the fact Witten made toast out of anyone who covered  him.  The Giants had no answer for him.

Three Cowboys receivers totalled over 100 yards.  Witten led the planet with eighteen catches for 167 yards.  Miles Austin caught nine passes for 133 yards.  And Dez Bryant, who's fingertips lost the day, caught five passes for 110 yards.  That makes me want to exclaim, Holy Crap!  The Cowboys only attempted fifteen rushes all game.  So it is not like the Giants didn't know the pass was coming.  But when you turn the ball over six times like Romo and the 'Boys did, you're bound to lose.

The Giants won.  So who am I complaining to?  Yeah, two fumbles and four interceptions will certainly expedite that.  Four Giants sacks I'm sure only made things worse for the Cowboys.

All hail the Giants Tackles!  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am Chris Canty is back.  He is such a rock up the middle.  Chris had one sack for Big Blue, and Linval Joseph had two.  JPP recorded the fourth.  And I think having Canty on the field can only help JPP.  I feel like Tuck and Osi let him roll with the pack, and are just looking to gang up on people.  But Chris Canty will keep him schooled in the art of football at the same time.

Lastly, if Steve Weatherford doesn't have the game he did, the Giants are not in position to win the game.  What a brilliant day of punting.  The Giants MVP (most valuable punter) of last season, is doing no less this season.  He booted six punts in which Dallas amassed eight net yards returning the ball.  Weatherford's long of the day was fifty nine yards.   How the Jets let him go is beyond me.

That's my first pass back in the pocket.  The Giants had their hands full as well when they returned home.  They are in the same boat we are with regards to hurricane damage.  On that note, Pittsburgh can't find hotel rooms for Sunday's game.  Heard on 98.7ESPN, they will fly in Sunday morning.


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