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PIGSKIN 2015: Week Twelve


Week Twelve

Week Eleven

Week Eleven Record:  4-8
Overall Record:  68-63-3
Schmear of the Week:  6-5
Bagels in the Basket:  +5

1st and Ten:
  • Two undefeated teams: New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers.
  • The Giants can win the futile NFC East division title, if they want to.
  • Speaking of futility, the leaderless AFC South continues with the Colts and Texans both playing at home.
  • A win by Minnesota puts them in firm control of the NFC North.

2nd and Long:
  • See Vikings game - literally.  The Packers will be watching.  They've created a world of trouble for themselves (because Aaron Rogers continues having too much Lego time with Olivia Munn).
  • The Eagles and Cowboys both played like a bunch of turkeys on Thursday, clearing the way for a potential Giants division title.  All Big Blue has to do now is dispatch the D.C. Hogs once and for all, and be done with it.  Easier said than done!  The Jekyll and Hyde G-Men can easily blow this, leaving the NFC East ripe for the taking (with five games still remaining).
  • The Seahawks were starting to sneak up on the Cardinals ... before Marshawn Lynch was lost for the season, that is.
  • The Wild Card picture is absolutely wacky.  So why bother, other than to say at least ten NFL teams face must win situations this week.  The NFL is proving an old adage, that it's not how you start, but how you finish that matters.

No Gain:
  • The Sad Diego Chargers have lost six in a row!  The Browns have lost five straight.  The Raiders, Rams, and Falcons have all lost three straight heading into Week Twelve.
  • In fact, the Falcons (6-4) have blown a 5-0 start, and are now just 1-4 in their last five games.

  • Tony Romo is out for the season.  Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys will be moseying along now.
  • Johnny Manzeil needs to grow up before becoming an NFL quarterback.

Thanksgiving Day Record:  1-2

WEEK TWELVE continued:
Friday Line ~ NYDN

Giants -2 1/2 (D.C. HOGS)
This is not your father's NFC East of the 1980s, folks.  If the Hogs win, they'll tie the Giants for the division lead with sub par 4-6 records.  A Giants win, however, would at least somewhat legitimize their standing in a poor bracket.  Many would argue the Giants could, and should be 8-3 right now.   They had their chances, sure, but as Bill Parcells would say - they are what their record says they are. That said, the Giants should be better than Washington, period.  I'd be thankful if they just went out there and seized the day.

Dolphins +3 1/2 (JETS)
When it rains, it pours.  The Jets lone victory over their last five games came against the Jags (insert punchline, here).  Now, Todd Bowles is about to find out what Jets fans have long known - bad things happen when the Dolphins come to town.  Darrell Revis is out, and Eric Mangold's hand and neck remain items of concern.  A quarterback coming off thumb surgery and throwing INTs, wide receivers dropping passes, and a running game gone MIA, are all actually recent developments in the Green scheme of things.  It's the defense which has failed the Jets ever since visiting the Black Hole on November 1st.  Moreover, the Jets have been terribly slow to adjust ... to anything.

TEXANS -3 (Saints)
If T.J. Yates was able to shred the Jets for (16/34, 229 yards) two touchdowns, what do you suppose he'll do against the Saints tissue soft, powder puff defense?  Plus, Drew Brees will be up against the fiercest pass rush he's encountered to date.

Vikings +1 (FALCONS)
Stop Adrian Peterson!  Oh the Falcons... they must be kicking themselves.  They haven't done much right of late, but, they have yet to allow 100 yards rushing in a game.  They're still potentially a good team, but presently in free fall.  We'll find out if they have a backbone, or if they'll wilt like a boiled noodle.  The Vikings on the other hand, had their five game win streak snapped by the Packers (then look what the Packers did in turn against the Bears; Just saying).  Nine out of ten times, I would have picked the Falcons in this game.  You caught me on #10.

BENGALS - 8 1/2 (Rams)
The Rams have lost three straight, and enter Sunday's game with QB problems, and a real life matter (Stedman Bailey).  The Bengals are in damage control having lost two straight. Look for them to straighten things out.

Bucs +3 (COLTS)
The Colts struggled this season with Andrew Luck in the line-up.  They're even worse with him out of the line-up.  It's that simple.  Plus, that was a pretty thorough whooping the Bucs put on the Eagles in Week 11.  At 5-5, they suddenly have as good a chance at making the NFC playoffs as any.  Go with the suddenly feisty pirates of Tampa.

Raiders -2 (TITANS)
Home or away, the Titans just can't score.  If the Raiders plan on turning things around, this would be the week and the team against which to do it.  Time is not on their side.

CHIEFS -6 1/2 (Bills)
Quite frankly, I feel this game should be pick'em.  It has trouble written all over it.  So, don't ask me why I'm inclined to lay 6 1/2 to the Bills.  Then again, I see easy victory as well.  You've been warned.

JAGS -4 (Chargers)
This line has more to do with Sad Diego's obscene underachievement, and less to do with anything the Jaguars are capable of.  But hey, the sun shines on a dog's ass at least once a day too.  The Chargers ... SMH.

Cardinals -10 (49ERS)
Pigskin wise, the Cardinals have been the gift that keeps giving.  On the field, there's something about these team's recent respective histories against one another that makes me think Arizona is out to rub it in Sunday.

SEAHAWKS -4 (Steelers)
I'm struggling on this one - not wanting to go against the rumblin', stumblin', bumblin', Big Ben.  He works magic in unlikely situations and tons of traffic.  If anyone can pick apart the 'Hawks secondary, he can.  But, how healthy is he?  A foot and knee injury to the same leg perhaps makes him a stationary target.  Much of his ludicrous success comes on broken plays outside the pocket.  If the L.O.B. keeps up coverage, the front line will catch up to Ben, I think.

Patriots -3 (BRONCOS)
The Broncos are going without Peyton Manning, while the Patriots will be without Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.  The Patriots are dazed, but not out.  We'll get to see just how plug and play the New England Patriots roster really is.  We know Denver's defense has carried them of late, but who is gonna score for them?

Schmear of the Week:
Cardinals -10

Guten Appetit:
Fuhgeddaboudit!  Don't even fix your face to talk about food.

Otherwise, Good Luck, and have a great Football Sunday everyone!

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