Wednesday, November 25, 2015




Week Eleven Record:  4-8
Overall Record:  68-63-3
Schmear of the Week:  6-5
Bagels in the Basket:  +5

As a Giants fan, I'd be very thankful for victories by the Lions over the Eagles, and the Panthers over the Cowboys.  Sure, I'm thankful Big Blue is in first place, but I'm serving that turkey with a grain of salt.

I'm particularly thankful for all those whom ever stopped by and visited my blog.  Thank you for spending some of your time, with me.

From my family and I, to you, and yours, Happy Holiday.

Game One: LIONS PK (Eagles)
There's an old saying - Never bet against the Lions, at home, on Thanksgiving.  How true is it?  Since 1934, the Lions are actually 35-38-2 all time on Thanksgiving Day.  But, they've suddenly woken from their slumber, and head into Thursday's game winners of two straight over the Packers and Raiders.   Are they still bad?  Yeah.  The Eagles, however, are only a game better, and in truth, they're just a mess.  They've lost two straight since beating the Cowboys (minus Tony Romo) in Week Nine.  I'll bet the Lions feasting on some Bird at home, straight up.
WIN; 45-14 Lions

Game Two: COWBOYS +1 (Panthers)
I tried predicting the Panthers first loss of the season twice previously, and obviously failed.  Here goes attempt number three - because I just can't help myself.  I know ... the Cats are coming off a romp over Washington, and that they're averaging 30-points a game, and that they play good defense. What's the sense in being a contrarian, then?  Dallas can still play defense too.  With Tony Romo back, I'm thinking the Cowboys are about to go on a small run.  They'll play just well enough to dupe Jerry Jones into thinking he's a good general manager yet again.  For now, it's party time at Jerry's House.
Loss; 33-14 Panthers

Game Three: PACKERS -9 (Bears)
I picked the Vikings over the Packers last week, and lost.  It was a trending pick.  That's what I get for not sticking with my convictions.  While the Pack managed to snap a three game skid, they're nevertheless bringing a sense of desperation into this game.  The Packers and Bears both have a recent loss to the Broncos in common.  The Broncos spanked the meat packers 29-10 in Week Eight. The Bears lost 3 of their last five games - none bigger than last week's 17-15 heart breaker against Denver.  The Packers defeated the Bears 31-23 in the season opener in Chicago.  Laying nine points at Lambeau Field seems very reasonable to me.
Loss; 17-13 Bears

Good luck, and have a great Thanksgiving Day of football everybody!

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