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PIGSKIN 2015: Week Nine


Week Nine

Week Five
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Week Eight

Week Eight Record:  7-4-1
Overall Record:  57-39-3
Schmear of the Week:  5-3
Bagels in the Basket:  +20

N.Y. Jets - Coach Bowles Boils Over After Cross Country Plight
N.Y. Giants - Big Easy Hangover
N.Y. Giants - Reese's Pieces and Defensive Malfeasance

1st and Ten:
  • With Thursday's win, the Bengals are now 8-0; the other undefeated teams are the Patriots, Broncos, and the NFC's Panthers.
  • The Ford Family is cleaning house!  General manager Martin Mayhew and President Tom Lewand are now former Detroit Lions executives.  Michigan is rejoicing.  Finally, someone acted with conviction.

2nd and Long:
  • The Tennessee Titans made Ken Whisenhunt the second NFL coach fired this season.
  • After two straight losses, the Jets remain in second place and have Rex Ryan's Bills to thank.
  • Falcons lead all second place teams with a 6-2 record.
  • Early Wild Card Showdown I - Steelers versus Raiders!
  • Early Wild Card Showdown II - Vikings host the Rams.  The Cardinals will be keeping a close eye on this game.

No Gain:
  • Why don't the Browns and Titans just give their respective rookie QB's the ball and be done with it.  I mean, really, they're a combined 3-13 this season.  Who are they trying to outsmart?  Just do it.
  • NYG Jason Pierre Paul is set to make his first appearance since blowing up his hand.  Good luck with that.  No one really thinks he's going to help the NFL's worst pass rush, do they?

  • I wonder how Jerry Jones feels about his "defensive leader" now that police photo's have been released, revealing the disturbing extent of bruising Greg Hardy inflicted upon his former girlfriend back in May 2014.  Jerry Jones took the controversial and quite shameless step of signing him, and now must own the moment.  Yes, Hardy is free of legal charges, and the matter was expunged from his record.  And yes, he's already served his 4-week suspension (that was ponderously reduced from 10 games).   But that does not preclude Jerry Jones from applying his own brand of belated justice by simply benching Hardy this week.  Screw the player's union.  Let them grieve it.  In the mean time, those images are too fresh, and too disturbing to just ignore or sweep under the rug. Women spend a awful lot of money in Jerry's House as well as men.  Do the right thing Jerry.  Take a moral stand.  Respect your female fan base.  Bench him.  As a Giants fan, I demand it!  But we all know that's not happening.  If he really wanted the Cowboys to be known as America's Team, though, he would.

WEEK NINE: Falling leaves decorate the landscape; days are shortening; the second half of the season starts..., Now!


JETS -7 (Jaguars)
Fitzpatrick is playing with a messed up thumb, and Chris Ivory is still questionably hamstrung. But after spending a week in the Hangar getting lubed and retrofitted by Todd Bowles, the Jets should be plenty inspired.  Besides, Jacksonville's bouncing back and forth between London this season can't be good.  Fatigue might creep up on them.
Loss; 28-23 Jets

Giants -2 1/2 (BUCS)
Why shouldn't Jameis Winston have a good day?  Every other QB that faced the Giants defense has.   I'm sticking with Big Blue because.., because..., the Eagles vs. Cowboys perhaps lends an extra added measure of desperation to the afternoon?  I don't know.  JPP will make his 2015 debut *sigh*.
WIN; 32-18 Giants

STEELERS -4 1/2 (Raiders)
Oakland is the real trendy pick.  That's why it's time an old fool went old school on these young upstart Raiders.  Big Ben managed just fine prior to Le'Veon Bell's arrival - he'll manage again after losing his feature back to a season ending knee injury.  Last week was a warm up for Ben.  He's ready to rumble and stumble again in front of the home crowd.
Loss; 38-35 Steelers

Rams +2 (VIKINGS)
This is definitely a show-me game for both teams.  I'm taking the points and running to daylight.  The Rams have faced some good competition so far, the Vikes not so much.
Loss; 21-18 Vikings  o.t.

BILLS -3 (Dolphins)
Beware!  Dolphins are mammals too.  Secondly, Vegas called and said they lost confidence in Rex. The stench at Orchard Park is going to be insufferable, with wafts of bison patties and Fish heads thickening the air.
WIN; 33-17 Bills

SAINTS -8 (Titans)
The only ones not scoring against the Saints are Mormons.  That said, the Titans will still have trouble putting up points.  Besides, Drew Brees still has something to play for. Tennessee, not so much.
Loss; 34-28 Titans

PATRIOTS -14 (D.C. Hogs)
Don't make me laugh...  Unless the Hogs mount a pass rush, only Tom Brady will stop Tom Brady. D.C. is among the league's least in sacks.  To date, the Patriots have scored 101 more points than the Hogs.  What's your brilliant insight?
WIN; 27-10 Patriots

Packers -2 1/2 (PANTHERS)
They defied me once, leaving me tempting fate till I get a reaction.  I'm rolling the dice in a second attempt at predicting Carolina's first loss of the season.  The splits say the Panthers should win, but Vegas couldn't see their way to laying the obligatory home town 3-point spread.  That's always a red flag.
Loss; 37-29 Panthers

Falcons -7 (49ERS)
Overrated?  I'm sure the Falcons have caught wind of the latest water cooler chirp.  Will they use that as motivation?  Will they turn this into a statement game?  As if, they're playing the 49ers.  Might as well send that message by carrier pigeon.  Doesn't mean they still won't blow out the Niners.
Loss; 17-16 49ers

Broncos -5 (COLTS)
That was an impressive, if not reaffirming victory over the Packers last week - very impressive indeed.  Without a healthy Andrew Luck, the Colts are nothing more than a cute little pony.
Loss; 27-24 Colts

Eagles -2 1/2 (COWBOYS)
Desperate times call for desperate measures (for us Giants fans that is).  I'm actually hoping for a Dallas win.  But karma is a bitch, and so I hope the Eagles leave droppings all over Jerry's House.
WIN; 33-27 Eagles

Schmear of the Week:
Broncos -5

Guten Appetit:
If it's nice, like it's been all week, I'll BBQ.  If it's not, I'll still BBQ. I'm emptying the fridge/freezer.  You name it, I'm grilling it.  I call it the pre-Thanksgiving clean out to make room for other stuff BBQ bonanza.  Some complimentary items from the deli should round out a completely bizarre menu.  Hot sauce is at the ready.  BTW, there's nothing like a Guinness in Fall.

Good Luck, and have a great Football Sunday everyone!

Week Nine Record:  4-7
Overall Record:  60-46-3
Schmear of the Week:  5-4
Bagels in the Basket:  +14

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