Monday, August 06, 2018

Brooklyn Dodgers: Take Me Out to the Playground


Spanning the Borough 
To Bring You The Constant Variety of Bums

One out of every seven people in this country trace their family histories back through Brooklyn.  The Boys of Summer are no different.  Gone but hardly forgotten, the old Trolley Dodgers are still  quite alive and well.  Despite being scarred and broken, Dem Bums remain dear in the hearts of Brooklyn's citizenry, whom still wear their caps, t-shirts, jerseys, and jackets like a red badge of courage.  Here in Kings County you might say New York City is still home to three teams.  However, our municipal politico presently and historically have always demonstrated little or no interest in recognizing, preserving, or promoting Gotham's near 180 year baseball legacy - much less Brooklyn Dodgers history.  Therefore, I make it my business to seek out and reveal FINGERPRINTS OF DEM BUMS wherever they may be.  This is the third installment in a series of reboots and original content featuring people, places, and things you may already be familiar with, and hopefully things you're not so familiar with.

Sullivan Place between Rogers Avenue and Nostrand Avenue
Renovations Completed 2002

This little oasis in the heart of Bedford 
is within two blocks of old Ebbets Field.

Front Gates

Concrete Replica Ticket
Opening Day 1941

First base, third base, and catcher's mitt serve as water sprinklers.
I'm sure Campy would approve.

Bedford Avenue Across From Ebbets Field Apartments

McKeever Place between Montgomery Street and Sullivan Place

Another little known oasis on Staten Island,
Dongan Avenue and Hodges Place

LinkNYC WiFi Network/Park Slope, Brooklyn
This caught me by complete surprise!
Never Built New York
Dodger Dome, 1955

1947 ~ 1949
Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn

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