Saturday, November 25, 2017

PIGSKIN 2017: Week Twelve

Week Twelve

Thanksgiving Day

Week Eleven Record:  7-4-1
Overall Record:  61-72-4
Schmear of the Week:  6-5
Bagels in the Basket:  -12

  • NFC Showdown Alert: Drew Brees and the first place Saints vs. Jared Goff and the first place Los Angeles Rams.
  • Eagles lead NFL with 320 PPG; Rams are 2nd with 303 ppg; Saints are third with 302ppg.  The Patriots are fourth, and lead the AFC with 290 points.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Panthers -4 1/2 (JETS)
Both teams are coming off their bye week.  If this were a little earlier in the season, I would have given the Jets a better chance.  Even if Gang Green bottlenecks Carolina's run game, bipolar Cam is coming on strong of late.
WIN  35-27 Panthers

Browns +8 (BENGALS)
The Bengals usually destroy the Browns, but getting Marvin Lewis fired still seems to be their season long priority.  The Bengals are additionally right on schedule for their annual colossally disappointing losses at home, only this season they have little left to play for.  The Browns may be 0-10 this season, but they have not gone down without a fight.  I'll take the points.  A Browns victory should surprise no one.
Loss  30-16 Bengals

EAGLES -13 1/2 (Bears)
Chicago's offense will give the ball back to the Eagles, who in turn will steamroll the Bears overtaxed defense.  Repeat process several times.
WIN  31-3 Eagles

PATRIOTS -16 1/2 (Dolphins)
The Patriots are back home after playing in Mexico City.  Jet lag may slow them down a little.  Then again, they've been home all week.  In any event, we're getting into the time of year when Team Belichick likes to run up the score against opponents ... just because.  Oh, and Jay Cutler is out for Chicago.
WIN  35-17 Patriots

Bills +10 (CHIEFS)
There's reason to believe Andy Reid can fix what ails the Chiefs lately.  The Bills are just plain stupid (see QB situation), and injured to boot.  Amazingly, Buffalo is still in the Wild Card picture.  They'll play desperately, but lose nonetheless.
WIN  16-10 Bills

Bucs +10 (FALCONS)
I've been waiting for the Falcons to snap out of their funk all season.  They played a depleted Seattle defense last week making it tough determining whether they've truly awoken.  Bucs have been a general disappointment this season, and are coming off dubious victories over the NYJ and Miami Mammals.  This is a division game with major implications for both.  The Bucs will be without QB Winston, but I think they can still play representative defense here, and stay close enough to cover.
Loss  34-20 Falcons

COLTS +3 (Titans)
Time to write the Titans off.  The Colts get their revenge for an earlier loss at Tennessee.  In their last two games, Indy beat the Texans, then barley lost against the Steelers.  The Titans on the other hand were recently blown out 40-17 by the Steelers.
Loss  20-16 Titans

49ERS +6 1/2 (Seahawks)
In nine games prior to their victory over the Giants, the Niners average margin of defeat was 10.6 points per game.  Consider three of those losses resulted in blowouts of 20 point margins or more.  However, in five of their nine losses, the Niners lost by an average of just 2.6 points per game.
Loss  24-13 Seahawks

Saints +2 1/2 (RAMS)
The Rams have partly benefited from a light schedule.  Some would say they were exposed during last week's game against Minnesota.  The Saints also lost to Minnesota way back in Week One, then fell to the Pats in Week Two.  They are 8-0 since, and will roll to their ninth straight victory.
Loss  26-20 Rams

Jaguars -5 (CARDINALS)
Yuck!  I'd stay away from this game.  Either way you look at this, one pick-six and POOF! there goes an otherwise no-brainer.
Loss  27-24 Cardinals

RAIDERS -5 (Broncos)
At least the Raiders still have something to play for.  I'd even consider this a best bet.
WIN  21-14 Raiders

STEELERS -14 (Packers)
Outside of two early seasons losses against the Bears and Jaguars, the Steelers have defeated everyone they were supposed to beat.  If they feed off the home crowd, they should easily cover.  They've put up 109 points in their last four games.  Meanwhile, the Packers have allowed 96 points in their last four games.
Loss  31-28 Steelers

Schmear of the Week: (6-5)
Panthers -4 1/2

Guten Appetit:
Food ... really?

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everyone!

Week Twelve Record (w/Thanksgiving):  6-9
Overall Record:  67-81-4
Schmear of the Week:  7-5
Bagels in the Basket:  -12

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