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PIGSKIN 2017: Week Eleven

Week Eleven


Public Address Announcements:
An occasional reminder as to how this all works.  The preferred unit of value around here is the hand-rolled Bagel.  Each game counts for one.  I post a Schmear of the Week which is worth three Bagels.  I try my best to have these picks in by Friday evening, and most always use Friday's line from one of the daily tabloids.  If for any reason you lose real money following my advice, that's your freakin' problem.  I'm just having fun.

PIGSKIN:  Since Washington owner Dan Snyder won't change his team's name and logo, I did it for him.  You'll notice this blog refers to them as the D.C. Hogs.  I also like to cook, and do all my tailgating right here at home.  Therefore my picks come with a weekly menu.  Got a recipe you care to share?

Week Ten Record:  6-6
Overall Record:  54-68-3
Schmear of the Week:  5-5
Bagels in the Basket:  -17

1st and Ten:
  • It's on! A no-holds barred Texas Death match: The heel Jerry Jones has fired the first shot directly across the bow of baby face Roger Goodell.  Referring to Roger Goodell's handling of Deflate Gate, Jerry Jones said according to this article, "Bob Kraft is a p***y compared to what I'm gonna do."
  • I know it sounds crazy, but the Cleveland Browns might actually win their first game of the season .. against the Jaguars?
2nd and Long:
  • Janoris Jenkins just make his second huge mistake; first, not taking accountability for his play, then telling the press he doesn't care what the fans think of his play.  You will not win battles against the fans, dude.
No Gain:
  • Parity is as Parity does: 15 of 32 NFL teams have losing records, which includes two second place clubs (Ravens, Raiders).
The Canadian Football League is down to its final four:
  • Eastern Final:  Saskatchewan Roughriders @ TORONTO ARGONAUTS
  • Western Final:  Edmonton Eskimos @ CALGARY STAMPEDERS

Friday Line ~ NYDN

Chiefs -10 1/2 (GIANTS)
Look at all those points ... at home.  Oh, the shame!  Sure, the Giants defense can have a comeback effort, but that offense ... pfft!
Loss  12-9 Giants

BEARS +3 (Lions)
Lions have been unreliable and are an indoor team.  I'll take those points.  Gimmie the outdoor team in Chicago this week.
PUSH  27-23 Lions

Bucs +1 (DOLPHINS)
I have no idea how the Sea Mammals have a 4-4 record.  I say Tampa wins by default.
WIN  30-20 Bucs

Ravens -2 (PACKERS)
Nice win by the Packers last week ... but it came against the Bears.  Let me see the Pack's back-up QB do that again against the Ravens defense.
WIN  23-0 Ravens

Rams +2 (VIKINGS)
Great game!  I'll gladly take my chances with the points.  The Rams are undefeated on the road.
Loss  24-7 Vikings

TEXANS -1 (Cardinals)
This is not about what the Texans can do, more than what the Cardinals can't do, which is score.  I'll lean on Houston's defense and lay the point.
WIN  31-21 Texans

BROWNS +7 1/2 (Jaguars)
Throwing the Dog Pound a bone.  I do not expect the Browns to win; I just love the points.  The Browns can run the ball, and the Jaguars can't stop the run.  If the Browns are destined to win at least one game this season, this might actually be the one.
Loss  19-7 Jaguars

SAINTS -7 1/2 (D.C. Hogs)
I thought the Saint were going to hit a wall last week.  I was wrong.  Shame on me.  The Hogs on the other hand are what their record says they are.
Loss  34-31 Saints

CHARGERS -4 (Bills)
If the Chargers win, but no one is there to see it, do they still win?  The Bills revealed themselves over the last two weeks.  I got duped each time.  I'm assuming Philip Rivers will play.  Not that anyone in Los Angeles cares.
WIN  54-24 Chargers

Bengals +2 1/2 (BRONCOS)
See the Ravens game ... If Vegas isn't giving the home team respect, why should I?
WIN  20-17 Bengals

Los Patriotas -6 1/2 (Los Raiders) *Mexico City
Preparase para un incidente internacional.  Este juego tiene reventon estampado por todas partes.
WIN  33-8 Patriots

Eagles-4 (COWBOYS)
Two words: Ezekiel Elliott.  Besides, Jerry Jones doesn't care about wins and losses anymore.  He's more consumed with making Roger Goodell disappear.
WIN  37-9 Eagles

Schmear of the Week
Los Patriotas -6 1/2

*NOTE: I will be posting a Week Twelve edition of Thanksgiving Pigskin.

Guten Appetit
  • Guacamole dip and chips.  Homemade onion rings.
  • Homemade chicken fries!  Slice one chicken breast into eight smaller strips; prepare with one pack of Shake and Bake.  Try it, otherwise with breadcrumbs you're just making cutlets. 😐  Add honey to some BBQ sauce and a splash of Tabasco sauce for an accompanying dip.
  • Wraps: Prosciutto/sun dried tomato/fresh mozzarella/roasted red peppers/fried garlic and onion bits/cut into six smaller portions/ olive oil and vinegar dip on the side.
  • Stuffed bell peppers for the evening meal.

Good luck, and have a great Football Sunday, everybody!

Post Game:
Week Eleven Record:  7-4-1
Overall Record:  61-72-4
Schmear of the Week:  6-5
Bagels in the Basket:  -12

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