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N.Y. Yankees ~ Red Sox Strike Back in Game Two

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New York Yankees (1-1)

new york YANKEES:  Two Pitchers Are Still Trying to Win Trust As Well As Games.  Bartolo Colon Represented Well Friday.  Now Freddie Needs To Master Sunday Night.

In my last NYY posting prior to the series start, I said a Hard Luck Loss; ...not a pounding loss, would still serve a Yankee pitcher's confidence well.  Sabathia's day isn't exactly what I had in mind. 

In the series that means nothing, I thought the Yankees' starting pitching was in need of dialing-up three rock solid performances on demand against the Red Sox.  If for no other reason, I felt they needed to do it just so they know they can.  After all, the Yankees haven't fared very well against Boston this season.  As the season enters it's final third, the Yankees still have a rotation to figure out with numerous bodies and limited jobs.  It's not a bad problem to have.

With two or three of them, it boils down to a matter of trust.  And two of them for sure; Colon and Garcia; to a large extent, got the Yanks in this position atop the division.  But did/do you trust them?  Now that Friday's game is out of the way, did Bartolo Colon's 94 pitch/4.2 innings pitched effort provide you with any more confidence he will still be effective through the remaining Dog Days of Summer and into October?

I'm not a Yankee fan as you know, but I'd feel good coming off Friday's win.  His performance is what you needed and it's what you got.  It was a shorter outing than you would have liked, but your bullpen is a strength and they picked him up superbly Friday night.  The point is, Bartolo dialed it up, and chipped in to keep the Red Sox under three runs for the game just when the Yanks needed him to; in game one of a series with both teams tied for first.

As you know, keeping the American League's number one offense under three runs a game is a monumental task; - Just ask C.C.  But let's be real on this one.  After all he's done, doesn't C.C. deserve a pass regarding Saturday afternoon's thumping?  Arguing your Staff Ace let the team down against your arch rival is your prerogative should you chose to go that way.  I'm not a fan, remember?

But, in my thinking, this series was never about C.C. and I'd be willing to deal with his little dip on Pitch-O-Meter; especially after a seven game winning streak.  This weekend is still about Bartolo Colon and Freddie Garcia, and how they were going to respond when the Yankees needed wins on demand; like if it was the playoffs.  This series was and is a great test to see how they would respond in a short series.  Because even Yankee fans have to admit, you have limited TRUST in the two pitchers.  Before playoff rosters are set and players can no longer be passed through waivers, you need more assurances don't you?

Freddie Garcia is next.  He'll throw his junk at the Sawx, opposing Josh Beckett Sunday night.

This isn't about winning two of three games this series.  This isn't really about occupying first place on August 8th.  This series is really meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  The Wild Card watered down races like this; look there for reasons why this series is meaningless.  That's why I wouldn't be too preoccupied with C.C.'s stinker against Boston Saturday.  Instead this now becomes about Freddie Garcia and can he dial up a game that takes the onus off the offense and places it squarely on his right arm's ability to stymie the Red Sox regardless of how well or how badly Josh Beckett handles his business.  Garcia is going to HAVE to do it eventually.  So like I said, this is a test. 

Bartolo Colon passed his.


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