Friday, August 05, 2011

N.Y. YANKEES ~ Beantown Showdown

From the desk of:  BLAME CARLOS MAY



The Battle for the American League East starts now! 
Both teams are tied for first place; go figure.

BOSTON RED SOX.............68-42   *
NEW YORK YANKEES......68-42   *

new york YANKEES:  A matter of trust.

I gotta be honest with you; I don't know how the hell Bartolo Colon and Freddie Garcia have gotten the Bombers this far.  I really don't.  I've watched.  But I don't get it.  I don't trust them as far as I can throw them.  But I'm not trying to understand either.  When the post-season kicks in, I'd be terrified going into a short series with this consortium of hurlers.  But then again, I'm not a Yankee fan; am I (?).  However, to my dismay, even the Yankees are capable of capturing lightning in a bottle too.

C.C. is a horse.  No worries for Bomber fans there.  Now that Ivan Nova is back in the fold, he's your number two guy whether you like it or not.  Winning his 10th game of the season against the ChiSox Thursday night kinda seals the deal; no?  Then you got Phil of the future Hughes; Bartolo Colon; and steady Freddie Garcia.  Maybe you guys aren't that bad off after all....?  Oh..., that's right....; I forgot A.J.


OK; but seriously.  The Yankee staff has options and depth.  It's a matter of trust that I'd be struggling with if I was indeed a Yankee fan.  More so for the Yankees than the Red Sox, this series will provide  three very telling appearances for these starters.  It's a very timely test during the Dog Days of Summer.

Can the Yankee starting pitchers make this series more about them, and their ability to contain the BoSox line-up, rather than leaving it up to the Yankee line-up to out-hit Boston's line-up and/or outlasting their starters?  Can they dial up shut-down performances on command?  That's what I'd be looking for on August 5th because that's what it will take later in the year.  Can they be the lead in this series?  I'd like to know if they can pitch three shut-down performances over the weekend.  Even a hard-luck loser would suffice.  But, if nothing else than to gain mounds of confidence, go out and stymie Boston's bats this weekend regardless what the offense provides.

Losing two out of three this series isn't something that should concern either team.  But for the Yankees, just as a matter of test, wouldn't you like to see them dominate the Sawx just so you know you can?

Alex Rodriguez:  MIAMI VICE Gets His Cover Blown.

I don't care if A-Rod, or if any grown man or woman, plays poker for money.  I'm just not interested in something like that, much less jumping all over A-Rod for it.  And believe me, you know I don't need much of a reason to besmirch him.

But time and again, the player formerly known as Alex Rodriguez, is the perpetrator of his own device; chasing after his never ending quest for Vice; Miami style.  Nothing more; nothing less.  He gets himself involved in these situations where there's no victims in a manner of speaking; only satisfying his passions are involved.  You know the word for someone like that.

Poker?  C'mon.  I get why Commissioner Selig would want to police something like that and I'm all for it.  But I personally, just can't get on him for poker.  I'll wait till he does something stupid again (he's like clockwork), and let him have it then.


Let's Go Red Sox!


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