Monday, August 01, 2011

N.Y. METS ~ Mets Get Fish-Slapped

From the desk of:  HEAD BUTTING MR. MET

NEW YORK METS:  ...And The Big Shake-Up That Wasn't.

I like Sandy Alderson.  I like the Front Office shake-up.  In that respect, the Wilpons finally did something I can't criticize by going off campus for a change, and reinvigorating the organization with fresh, new minds.

As far as the Trade Deadline though, I myself had different ideas.  But it looks like Sandy Alderson will be taking the more methodical approach in rebuilding the club.  The July 31st cutoff point wasn't the fire-works extravaganza I hoped it would be.  But that's fine.  In Sandy I trust.  That in itself is already a small victory for me. 

There are always trades to be made in August after passing players through waivers.  So, more deals may still yet develop.  And the coming off season will probably be one where Sandy Alderson takes a few more liberties with his position than he did last winter after freshly being hired as GM.  The way I see things, the Mets trading window opened right away this season when they started adding by subtracting players like Castillo; Perez; etc.

My thing is, once I commit to detonation, I like to blow things up.  Disagree with me as much as you like; we're all free-range Met Fans here; but I was looking for total separation from the previous era.  Of course I realize a purge doesn't take place with one wave of the hand.  But I would have liked to have taken major steps in that direction during this trading period.  I'm not hiding from the fact I would have traded Reyes and Wright with the right deal.  I have my reasons most of which I have already shared here.  I would have tried to move Angel Pagan (one of my favorites); R.A. Dickey; Daniel Murphy; and Izzy as well.

And so, Sandy didn't detonate the team.   Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran were pretty big names to move.   However, we were prepared those, and understood the moves.

I wasn't thinking playoffs in Spring Training.  I wasn't thinking playoffs in April; May; June; or July either.  So I'm not about to start now.  I'd rather be wrong, than be a hypocrite by playing ping-pong with my opinions.  I predicted the Mets to be a .500 team; nothing more; nothing less.  So far, their record speaks for itself.  But I think I stand with many when I say these guys are likable.

However, when I sit in the Man-Cave and watch the Washington Nationals and the Florida Marlins beat-us like dirty floor rugs, year in and year out, I look for things to throw at my TV.  Then I start looking at some of the constants over that period of time for explanations.

After watching Izzy surrender a grand slam to the Marlins tonight..., I feel my blood pressure rising.  Stop.


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