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PIGSKIN 2014: Football Sunday - Week Fourteen


Football Sunday
Week Fourteen

On Vacation 
Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen:  8-7
Overall Record:  81-74-2
Schmear of the Week:  6-6
BAGELS in the Basket:  +5

Coin Toss:

Flip this!  When you lose to the Jags, and you're PK against the Titans, it means a major rebuilding is in order, Sir.

1st and Ten:

Don't look now, but the Cardinals hold on 1st place (NFC West) is slipping fast.  A loss Sunday, and a Seahawks win ties them for the division lead.  

With the Falcons playing in Green Bay Monday night, the Saints appear poised to take sole possession of 1st place in the NFC South.

2nd and Short:

Miami and Buffalo in the AFC East, and Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland in the AFC North, all enter Sunday tied for 2nd place.

No Gain:

The Ravens lost DT Haloti Ngata for the season (suspended) after testing hot for banned stuff.


Rex Ryan's time in New York is growing shorter.

Week Fourteen:
Friday Line ~ NYDN

Giants PK (TITANS)
As a Giants fan, I really have little to say, particularly after last week's loss to the Jaguars.
WIN; 36-7 Giants

Jets +6 (VIKINGS)
I'll take the 6-points; thank you very much.  The Vikings are a good match-up for the Jets.  I think Rex Ryan's Ground and Pound will enjoy its one and only day in the sun.
PUSH; 30-24 Vikings  O.T.

DOLPHINS -3 (Ravens)
We're about to find out how much losing DT Haloti Ngata will affect the Ravens.
Loss; 28-13 Ravens

BENGALS -3 (Steelers)
This is one of those games that makes you second-guess the Bengals: they're winners of three in a row, they can solidify their hold on 1st place with another victory; and they're playing at home - all the ingredients for a colossal let-down.
Loss; 42-21 Steelers

Colts -3 1/2 (BROWNS)
I just know Vegas is begging everyone to take the Colts knowing the Browns can ruin even the best laid plans.  I'm taking the sucker's bet too.
Loss; 25-24 Colts

Texans -6 (JAGUARS)
The Jaguars have been busy partying well after defeating the Giants.  Did they practice?
WIN; 27-13 Texans

SAINTS -9 1/2 (Panthers)
The Panthers are perfect opponents to make the Saints look like Super Bowl contenders again (if just for a day).
Loss; 41-10 Panthers

LIONS -10 (Bucs)
While I do not foresee the Bucs generating much against Detroit's defense, the Lions offense really makes you wonder.
WIN; 34-17 Lions

Rams - 2 1/2 (D.C. HOGS)
The situation in Washington is laughable.
WIN; 24-0 Rams

Bills +10 (BRONCOS)
If Buffalo's front four can manage some pressure by themselves, the Bills might cover this.
WIN; 24-17 Broncos

CARDINALS -1 (Chiefs)
The Cards have lost two straight, and are desperate for a win.  Drew Stanton had enough practice; time to make some plays.
WIN; 17-14 Cardinals

49ers -8 (RAIDERS)
Where the hell did Vegas get "8" from?  Do they expect a safety?  Eight?
Loss; 24-13 Raiders

Seahawks +1 (EAGLES)
Mark Sanchez has been making me eat my words, but I refuse to trust him.
WIN; 24-14 Seahawks

Patriots -3 1/2 (CHARGERS)
Did you see the way Tom Brady was launching f-bombs all over the sidelines last game?  Let's just say I like the Pats coming off a disappointing loss.
WIN; 23-14 Patriots

Schmear of the Week:
49ers -8

Gutten Appetit: Brisket and baby back ribs; roasted red potatoes; garlic roasted corn on the cob; homemade onion rings; baked beans and side salads.  What's on your Football Sunday menu?

Good luck and have a Happy Football Sunday everyone!

Post Game:
Week Fourteen Record:  8-5-1
Overall Record:  89-79-3
Schmear of the Week:  6-7
BAGELS in the Basket:  +5


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