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PIGSKIN 2014: Football Sunday - Week Eleven


Football Sunday
Week Eleven

On Vacation 
Week Ten

Week Ten Record:  7-4
Overall Record:  64-49-2
Schmear of the Week:  6-3
BAGELS in the Basket:  +22

Coin Toss:
  • How long before the NFL joins the NBA's policy of glasnost with regards to gambling?
1st and Ten:
  • In one of the worst division races of recent memory, the Saints, Falcons and Panthers are all vying for 1st place with losing records.
No Gain:
  • The Raiders are on the verge of going 0-10.
  • Patriots favored by a field goal in enemy territory?  No respect for the home team?  No such Luck?  I agree!  Nyuck nyuck nyuck.
3rd and Long:
  • What a terrible break for the Cardinals.  Carson Palmer is out for the season.  The Cardinals still have a good defense, but the question now is whether Drew Stanton can protect Arizona's West Division lead.
  • I still want to know how Vegas knew the Jets would funk up the Steelers last week.

Week Eleven:
Friday Line ~ NYDN

GIANTS +4 (49ers)
All 3 Giants victories came against sub .500 teams, and they're among the worst defenses in the NFL. But four points is hard to turn down.  Now that Perry Fewell is feeling the heat, he just might come up with something creative, and with Rashad Jennings back to provide the illusion of a running game, the offense should make a few connections.   Plus, coast to coast trips suck.  It will be 10:00am for the Niners.  There's also every chance this pick is from my heart.
Loss; 49ers 16; Giants 10

BROWNS -3 (Texans)
The Brownies have won three in a row and clearly have the better defense.
Loss; Texans 23; Browns 7

Vikings +3 (BEARS)
The Week XI Toilet Bowl - what can you say about two bad teams?  Booooo!  Otherwise, the Bears score slightly more, while the Vikes allow far fewer points.  Go with defense and the home team.
Loss; Bears 21; Vikings 13

PACKERS -5 1/2 (Eagles)
Say cheese!  Marc Sanchez is finally in a good situation with the Eagles, just not this week in Green Bay (forecast calls for below freezing with chance of snow).  That means the Packers are just waking up.
WIN; Packers 53; Eagles 20

CHIEFS -2 (Seahawks)
The Giants hung with Seattle for a half.  Surely the Chiefs defense (#2 NFL) will be far more disciplined than the Giants were.  Seattle is banged up, so I like the Chiefs at home (where their 12th man is right up there with Seattle's).
WIN; Chiefs 24; Seahawks 20

Part of the NFC South battle no team wants to win.  This game is PickEm because Cam Newton has sucked ass.  The Panthers have lost four in a row, and must be regarded as one of the bigger disappointments of 2014.  Matt Ryan will do just enough to hand Carolina loss number five.
WIN; Falcons 19; Panthers 17

SAINTS -7 (Bengals)
(See above...) The NFC South is still up for grabs and Drew Brees knows it.  A loss, and the Saints are tied with the winner of Falcons/Panthers.  After a tough O.T. loss last week to the Niners, I look for Brees to seize the day at home against the erratic Bengals.
Loss; Bengals 27; Saints 10

D.C. HOGS -7 1/2 (Bucs)
It's hard to make the HOGS look good, but I'm sure the Buccaneers will find a way to make them look quite stellar.
Loss; Bucs 27; Hogs 7

Broncos -9 1/2 (RAMS)
This could get ugly.  With all the kick return opportunities they'll get, the Rams will need touchdowns from their special teams in order to have a chance.  Otherwise, Rams get ball; Rams punt ball.   Peyton Manning gets ball; Broncos score.  Repeat.  Rams defense tires; Broncos increase point total.
Loss; Rams 22; Broncos 7

CHARGERS -10 (Raiders)
But, but..., in their last game the Chargers got their bolts short circuited by the Fish, and, and.., the Raiders are 1,233-2 on the road against the spread....blah blah blahblah blah.  Stop!  The weather is always beautiful in San Diego.  This is going to be a blowout.  Relax.
Loss; Chargers 13; Raiders 6

Lions +1 (CARDINALS)
The Cardinals..., damn, they're still a good team.  This was going to be a defensive battle anyway.   But now..., well..., lions prey on wounded animals; that's just the way it is.  The Pride and their #1 defense smell blood in the air - Drew Stanton's.  One key Stafford/Megatron connection will make the difference.
Loss; Cardinals 14; Lions 6

Patriots +3 (COLTS)
...because Tom Brady gets plenty of sleep and eats right, and because I believe Bill Belichick can befuddle any quarterback.  Everywhere is Revis Island.  I expect turnovers.
WIN; Patriots 42; Colts 20

Schmear of the Week: (6-3)
Broncos -9 1/2

Guten Appetit: Tacos, tacos, tacos...  Lobster tacos, crab tacos, shrimp tacos, and steak tacos.  Gonna wash those down with Samuel Adams.  What's on your Football Sunday menu?

Good luck and have a Happy Football Sunday..!

Post Game:
Week Eleven Record:  4-8
Overall Record:  68-57-2
Schmear of the Week:  6-4
BAGELS in the Basket:  +15


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