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PIGSKIN 2014: Football Sunday - Week Twelve


Football Sunday
Week Twelve

On Vacation 
Week Ten
Week Eleven

Week Eleven Record:  4-8
Overall Record:  68-57-2
Schmear of the Week:  6-4
BAGELS in the Basket:  +15

1st and Ten:

That's the NFL for ya.  The Chiefs were fresh-off beating the Seahawks, and could have taken a share of 1st place, but LOST to the Raiders!   On that note, damn those Raiders for not winning their first game of the season on a Sunday.  I would have picked against them..., but hey..

2nd and Short:

All of a sudden RG3's time in D.C. seems short.

No Gain:

The Player's Association...


It's hard to disagree that every team in the NFC South sucks, and is in second place until notified otherwise.  However, (I'm not going to say which) I read an article in some prominent city tabloid suggesting the NFL should realign due to the NFC South.  To that I say, Fire The Author!  How reactionary, knee jerk, and friggin typical!!!   Should we start handing out participation trophies as well?  Idiot.

Friday Line ~ NYDN

***Jets +1 1/2 (BILLS)***
****This Game Is Off My Board****** - Lake effect weather is one thing; what happened in the Buffalo area is entirely something else.  The last thing they need is a football game.  My thoughts are with my fellow Empire State denizens.

Cowboys -3 1/2 (GIANTS)
Perry Fewell's defense actually showed up last week.  It was the offense that was so inefficiently bad. Flip a coin as to which unit shows up this week, and the other side of the ball is sure to suck.  The Giants are an inconsistent team, and that's what inconsistent teams do.  The Cowboys offensive line is healthy and strong.  Nuf ced.
Loss; 31-28 Cowboys

FALCONS -3 (Browns)
I tried giving the Browns some respect last week and they spit in my face.  After five straight losses, the Falcons are  Whatever - will some team please take control of the NFC South?
Loss; 26-24 Browns

Titans +11 (EAGLES)
Would you trust Mark Sanchez with 11 points?
Loss; 43-24 Eagles

PATRIOTS -7 (Lions)
The freakin' Lions were limited to 6 points by a stout Cardinals defense, but only allowed Arizona 16 points.    I don't know what that means, but the Lions are not going to outscore the Patriots.
WIN; 34-9 Patriots

Packers -9 (VIKINGS)
Why does Las Vegas tease us like this?
Loss; 24-21 Packers

Jaguars +14 (COLTS)
Tough break for Ahmad Bradshaw; he was the Colts running game.  They're one dimensional now which gives the Jags a good chance to cover.  That's all that matters, Baby!
Loss; 23-3 Colts

TEXANS -2 (Bengals)
The Cats manhandled the Saints in the Dome last week, while the Texans wiped out the Browns in Cleveland.  Both desperately need to win.  The smart money is on the Bengals, right?  That's precisely why I'm going the other way.
Loss; 22-13 Bengals

Bucs +5 1/2 (BEARS)
This is a very wishy-washy selection; I would pick against both teams were it not for playing each other.  I'm thinking Bears by a field goal?
Loss; 21-13 Bears

Cardinals +7 (SEAHAWKS)
This is it - The Showdown.  This is the first time these teams meet this season.  The Cardinals remember how disappointing missing the playoffs last year was.  They've been on a mission since.   The Cardinals will refuse to lose on Sunday.
Loss; 19-3 Seahawks

Rams +5 (CHARGERS)
Ah hah!  The cat is out of the bag; Phillip Rivers has been playing hurt.  That explains much.
Win; 27-24 Chargers

BRONCOS -7 (Dolphins)
Have to give props to Miami's defense this season; they're the real deal.  Any more points and I would have swung the other way.  Hard to go against Peyton at home.
Loss; 39-36 Broncos

49ERS -9 (D.C. Hogs)
Criticism for RGIII is mounting, and considering what the Bucs did to the Hogs last week, be on the lookout for another lame D.C. performance.
Loss; 17-13 Niners

Ravens +3 1/2 (SAINTS)
...because I still believe the Ravens are the best team in their division, and the Saints insist on being inconsistent. Ooooops!  Monday Night; off the board.

Schmear of the Week:  (6-4)
49ers -9

Guten Appetit: Have to make room in the freezer and fridge for Thanksgiving Day stuff.  That means I'll be making various foods that shouldn't necessarily hang out together.  However, this is an opportunity to experiment with my own version of waffles and chicken. So what's on your Football Sunday menu?

Good luck and have a Happy Football Sunday everyone!

Post Game:
Week Twelve Record:  2-10
Overall Record:  70-67-2
Schmear of the Week:  6-5
BAGELS in the Basket:  +4


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