Sunday, September 14, 2014

PIGSKIN 2014: Football Sunday - Week Two


Football Sunday
Week Two


Coin Toss:
  • The Raiders probably already regret signing their lease extension.
1st and 10:
  • Best bets: Bengals, Seahawks, Texans
No Gain:
  • It will be another long day for the Cowboys.
3rd and Long:
  • The commissioner is in deep shit.
  • Like I said, the commissioner is in deep shit.

Week One Record:  7-6
Overall Record:  7-6
Schmear of the Week:  0-1
BAGELS in the Basket:  -2

(Friday Line ~ NYDN)

Cardinals -1 (GIANTS)
The Cards were one of the best teams to not make the playoffs last season.  The Giants aren't ready for this.
WIN, 25-14 Cards

PACKERS -8 (Jets)
Can I see the Packers starting 0-2?  No.  Can I see the Jets starting 1-1?  Yes.
Loss, 31-24 Packers

Lions +2 1/2 (PANTHERS)
Hell yeah I'll take +2 1/2 with the Lions!  A definite risk worth taking.
Loss, 24-7 Panthers

Dolphins -1 (BILLS)
Someone has to lose this battle of Week 1 surprises.  Too early in the year for Buffalo's weather to impact a Miami team.
Loss, 29-10 Bills

*HOGS -6 (Jaguars)
The sun shines on a swine's posterior at least once a day too.
WIN, 41-10 Hogs

TITANS -3 1/2 (Cowboys)
...because the Cowboys are off to a ruinous season.
Loss, 26-10 Cowboys

Patriots -3 (VIKINGS)
I've been thinking about this too much.  That usually means stay away.
WIN, 30-7 Patriots

Saints -6 1/2 (BROWNS)
Last week, the Saints begged Atlanta to beat them,  Saints have always sucked on the road, but I'll try anyway.
Loss, 26-24 Browns

BENGALS -5 (Falcons)
See above.  The Bengals may have finally figured this thing out.
WIN, 24-10 Bengals

Rams +5 (BUCS)
...because it's chic to dump on the Bucs right now.
WIN, 19-17 Rams

Seahawks -5 (CHARGERS)
Interested to see how Phillip Rivers handles the LoB.
Loss, 30-21 Chargers

Texans -3 (RAIDERS)
I'd even be willing to go -5 on this one.
WIN, 30-14 Texans

BRONCOS -12 (Chiefs)
I have the Chiefs totally misjudged. Take Peyton Manning the favorite and lay the points at home.
Loss, 24-17 Broncos

49ERS -7 (Bears)
What a disappointment the Bears were last week.  I can't see them spoiling the 49ers stadium opener.
Loss, 28-10 Bears

Schmear of the Week: (0-1)
Texans -3

Buffalo shrimp and chicken wings PARM(!) with good ol' Coronas and lime.  What's on your Football menu?

Good luck and Happy Football Sunday everybody!

Post Game:
Week Two Record:  6-8
Overall Record:  13-14
Schmear of the Week: 1-1
BAGELS in the Basket:  -1


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