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PIGSKIN 2012: Football Sunday - Week Ten

Football Sunday
Week Ten:
Week Nine Record:   8-5
Overall Record:   59-58-2
Schmear of the Week:   4-5
Bagels in the Basket:   -3
* Last week I finally recovered from a horrific start of the season and punched through the .500 mark.  Now I just need to get my Bagel count back in black.
* The Falcons remain undefeated and now sport an 8-0 record.
* Who anticipated the NFC East collapsing around the Giants again?
* Biggest NFC disappointment so far - Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Cam Newton.
* Biggest NFC surprise - The Giants lead conference in points scored.
* Biggest AFC disappointment so far - San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, Marc Sanchez.
* Biggest AFC surprise - Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins are better without Tony Sparano than the Jets are with him.
...let's roll some bagels!
(Friday Line - NYDN)
Giants 4 1/2 (BENGALS)
The Giants should win this game easily for so many reasons.  That's what scares me.  For whatever reason, the Giants play so much better on the road.  The Bengals will disappoint their home fans again.
LOSS; 31-13 Bengals
SEAHAWKS -6 (Jets)
Coach Rex and the Jets had two weeks to prepare for this game.  Unless they unleash Tim Tebow, what's really going to change?  It is going to be a long (and very noisy) day in Seattle.
WIN; 28-7 Seahawks
PATRIOTS -11 (Bills)
I don't think this pick needs any explanation.
LOSS; 37-31 Patriots
Chargers +3 (BUCS)
I rank this the Number Three game of the week.  What an interesting match-up.  Phillip Rivers will be the first to tell you he has sucked this season.  With time, he can still slice up Tampa's secondary late if necessary.  And the Chargers still play a tight defense.  They'll need to do just that against a slightly better Bucs offense.  I smell a push...  but ultimately I like the points.  I can see the Bucs winning by one, or the Bolts winning outright.
LOSS; 34-24 Bucs
Broncos -4 (PANTHERS)
If I were Cam Newton, I'd be studying how Peyton Manning operates.
WIN; 36-14 Broncos
DOLPHINS -6 (Titans)
I do not like trying to cover six with Miami, but the Titans just give up an obscene amount of points.  The Dolphins have played competitive football all season.
LOSS; 37-3 Titans
Raiders +7 1/2 (RAVENS)
I rank this the Number Four game of the week.  How much longer will the Ravens defense hold on without Ray Lewis?  If Carson Palmer is ever going to win a big game with Oakland, he might consider this one.  Truth is, I love the halfie.
LOSS; 55-20 Ravens
Falcons -2 (SAINTS)
Dome team versus dome team = wash.  Whether in N'orleans or on the road, the Saints defense just ain't no good.  The Falcons will march on through.  And until they lose a game, they have earned the benefit of the doubt.
LOSS; 31-27 Saints
Lions -2 (VIKINGS)
The battle of pretenders is on!
LOSS; 34-24 Vikings
Cowboys -1 (EAGLES)
The Number Two game of the week.  Both owners have had it with their team's futility.  Only problem is, Jerry Jones won't fire himself as GM.  Meanwhile, heads are about to roll in Philly if Coach Reid and Michael Vick don't come up with something quick to change their fortunes.  On a competitive note, it will be fun to watch two very desperate teams collide.
WIN; 38-23 Cowboys
49ERS -11 (Rams)
The Rams have to play outside in San Francisco.  That will slow any team down.  Rams can't score as it is.
LOSS; 24-24 overtime/tie
BEARS -1 1/2 (Texans)
Here is the Number One game of the week.  Which team will kick the game winning field goal?
Schmear of the Week:
Broncos -4


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