Friday, October 15, 2010

EGG CREAM of the Day

This afternoon I was in Williamsburg.  I drove by a "cafe" on Metropolitan Avenue and jotted down their phone number.  A short time later I called with lunch on my mind.  I asked if they made Egg Creams.  The young lady taking my call did not know what an Egg Cream was.  She never even heard of an Egg Cream before; much less if her establishment made them.  Shaking my head knowing this had more to do with changing times and less to do with me wanting to say something snarky, I just thanked her and moved on with my life.


I have unyielding faith in our little town and I knew there was a good Egg Cream to be had nearby.  I just had to find it...

....and I did.

SODA JERK...!  Pour This Session of THE EGG CREAM SOCIETY to Order:

Let the Neighborhoods know this Declaration; to be heard and understood by the Denizens in the Borough of BROOKLYN:

STEVE makes a GREAT Friggin' EGG CREAM!!

Fuhgeddaboudit!!!   I mean that.  The pleasure was all mine.

Two words for you People ~ GET ONE!


That's him behind the chalk board.  Tell'em The BTB sen'tcha.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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